GloRilla Doubts She Can Stick to One Partner in 'Too Long' Relationship

The 'Tomorrow' raptress throws the question whether marriage still makes sense to the people of her generation, before deleting the tweet without any explanation.

AceShowbiz - GloRilla doubted she can stick "too long" to one partner in a relationship. Months after revealing that she had cut off some friends and family members after finding success, the "F.N.F. (Let's Go)" raptress opened up about her view on the institution of marriage.

Making use of Twitter, the 23-year-old questioned if marriage still makes sense for the people of her generation. In the now-deleted tweet, she wrote, "So y'all believe in marriage in this generation?? I just couldn't myself fw one n***a for too long. N***as start n***a-ing after da first 6 months & baby Ima start n***a-ing right along with a n***a."

GloRilla's doubtful view on marriage did not take long to get varying responses. After The Shade Room reposted the raptress' deleted tweet on its Instagram account, many bombarded its comments section. One commented, "This generation is so misguided….Lord help em."

Another complained, "The wildest thing about this generation is they believe the reality of their proximity is the reality of the entire population. It's not all men, it's not all women, it's you, your mindset and the people that you're doing life with. Stop attempting to speak for the other 7 billion of us based off you and the 100 people you see the most."

A third, in the meantime, shared a more positive view by urging women to unheed GloRilla's tweet. The user wrote, "Ladies…. Please dont listen to this advice! There are good men out here, just wait on God's timing and do the work to be prepared when he comes looking for you. You are what you attract."

Sharing similar sentiment, a fourth penned, "There are some men that actually are loyal and great partners! Yes I believe in marriage cause I finally found a man who is perfect for me." A fifth additionally pointed out, "To me when ppl say things like this…they want the opposite more and real bad!….it's ok to be vulnerable to love and marriage! It's ok to find your person!"

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