Priyanka Chopra Taken by Nick Jonas' 'Quiet Confidence'
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The 'Citadel' actress reveals the confidence oozed by the youngest member of the Jonas Brothers convinced her that he's the right person for her to spend her life with.

AceShowbiz - Priyanka Chopra admires Nick Jonas' "quiet confidence. The 40-year-old actress got to know Nick, 30, through social media, and Priyanka admits that she loved his approach.

"He slid into my DMs," Priyanka shared during her appearance on "Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen".

The actress explained that they "started talking" over social media, and she liked Nick's understated approach, revealing that he's a "no-emoji kind of guy." The "Baywatch" actress - who married Nick in 2018 - added, "He was a 'I've been told we must meet [kind of guy].' The quiet confidence, I know. So, I married him. It works out sometimes through DMs."

Priyanka won the Miss World pageant in 2000 - but she recently confessed to being "uncomfortable" with her appearance as a teenager. The actress - who was born in India but went to high school in the US - admitted to struggling with her appearance during her school years.

She told the "Call Her Daddy" podcast, "When you're younger, at least for me, at a time in my life when I was developing ... I'm from a country where there's a massive equity on light skin, everybody wants to be lighter-skinned. In the US, people are on tanning machines and tanning salons. For the longest time, when I was young, I didn't think my skin was pretty and that I was dark-skinned - and I'm not even that dark-skinned. But that's the normal that I grew up with."

Priyanka lacked confidence in herself during her school years. However, the actress managed to find a sense of freedom and "expression" through fashion and make-up. She explained, "In high school, I had scars, I was a tomboy, I was uncomfortable with how my legs looked."

"It wasn't all smooth, my hair was frizzy. I was just ... not confident, you know? You grappled with that stuff but I kind of found expression in fashion and how I dressed and make-up. Fun, friends, the mall, boys - all those things distracted me."

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