Doja Cat Defended by Azealia Banks After Backlash for Breaking No Smoking Rule at Met Gala
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Seemingly accusing Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour of exposing the 'Say So' songstress for vaping at the event, the 'Black Madonna' raptress claims it's nothing but 'PURE old white lady jealousy.'

AceShowbiz - Doja Cat has found a supporter in Azealia Banks after she was caught vaping at the 2023 Met Gala. Amid the backlash against the Grammy winner for breaking Anna Wintour's no smoking rule, the Harlem artist has defended Los Angeles native.

"I'm sorry I ki on doja but Anna Wintour has some f**king nerves," Azealia wrote on her Instagram Story along with a screenshot of Google search on the news. Seemingly blaming the Vogue editor-in-chief for leaking the news to the media, she added, "This is PURE old white lady jealousy and nothing else. If only you knew how many of these nobody a** w**te girls be in the bathroom at the met gala snorting."

Claiming that Anna used to be a smoker herself, the "212" hitmaker said, "And like there aren't multiple photos of high school drop out Anna Wintour smoking cigarettes with yellow teeth in her youth."

Azealia went on alleging that many other guests at the star-studded bash sneaked illegal substances to the party. "I feel like if she's going to try and make an example of doja for vaping then everyone's bags and costumes need to be thoroughly searched for paraphernalia," she suggested. "Yes tear the lining out of these w***e girls designer bags, and send them thru airport scanners and unscrew all suspect looking 'accessories' and trust you will find things that are actually extremely illegal."

"Because this is complete bulls**t," she continued, before arguing, "Nicotine addiction is such a hard thing to kick, and as an older woman what does Anna get out of condemning and publicly blasting her for it?????"

When addressing the speculation that Doja may never be invited to the Met Gala again, the 31-year-old singer/rapper blasted the event as saying, "LMFAO the met gala is one of the most boring events to attend. Doja will not be missing anything."

Doja was caught vaping on the red carpet of Vogue's prestigious ball in a video of the Vogue livestream. In the clip, the "So High" femcee was seen having a vape in her mouth and exhaling a cloud of smoke in the background while Jennie of BLACKPINK got interviewed by a red carpet correspondent.

She was soon slammed by Internet users for refusing to adhere to the Met Gala rule. However, when reached for comments on Doja's act, reps for the star told Daily Mail that there was no nicotine in the device and that it only had contained a flavored water vapor.

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