Emily Ratajkowski Slams People for Discrediting Ex-Porn Star Mia Khalifa Due to Her 'Sexual History'

The 'Blurred Lines' music video vixen has come to Mia Khalifa's defense following backlash after their conversation in which the ex-porn star blasted men who dated younger girls.

AceShowbiz - Emily Ratajkowski is appalled she lives in a world where women like her ex-porn star friend Mia Khalifa are "written off" due to their "sexual history." The 31-year-old "Gone Girl" actress last year sat down with the former adult performer on her "High Low" show and their conversation went viral after Mia, who was 29 at the time, declared, "Any guy who goes after younger girls is severely lacking in their life."

"People instantly discredited her because she's a soon to be 30-year-old former porn star. I can't believe that we still live in a world where people are so quick to discredit women because of their sexual history," Emily has now told Elle magazine about being furious at the backlash against Mia.

Emily has also had porn star turned "Euphoria" actress Chloe Cherry, 25, on "High Low" and said she is on a mission to change perceptions about women from all kinds of backgrounds.

She added about how she loves the long form of a podcast chat to draw out subtleties and complex opinions, "I have this informal way of connecting to fans that I haven't had before, that allows for nuance. Even a TikTok is only three minutes long."

Emily also said she is drawn to guests "who have not been taken seriously by the public or are easily written off." She added her podcast is her way of letting go after years of trying to control every aspect of her image.

Emily said, "I felt like I was constantly negotiating things in a way that was making me very meek. I've stopped caring so much, which is, funny enough, an act of taking control. I've accepted what I can and can't control, and found joy in things that I can. And the podcast is one of them. When I was trying to control everything, nothing was different, except that I was less happy. So I'm like, why would I allow that stuff to impact me anymore?"

Emily, who has son Sylvester, two, with her estranged ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard, 42 - whom she divorced last year amid allegations he had cheated - has since dated comedian Eric Andre, 39, DJ Orazio Rispo, 36, actor Pete Davidson, 29, artist Jack Greer, 35, and been linked to 59-year-old Brad Pitt.

She is now said to be in the early days of a romance with former One Direction singer Harry Styles, 29, after pictures emerged at the weekend of them kissing on the streets of Tokyo.

It emerged on Wednesday, March 29 her Sebastian has been accused of sexual misconduct by two women when they were teens. He is said to have "groomed" two teenage girls via Instagram before he slept with them, according to legal papers obtained by Variety - which said neither he nor Emily commented when they reached out to the pair.

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