Waka Flocka Flame on Past Friendship With Gucci Mane: 'We Needed Each Other to Go Forward'
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When opening up about his and Gucci's past relationship, the rapper/TV personality said he met the 'I Get the Bag' spitter after his mom Debra Antney told him to go on the road with her.

AceShowbiz - Waka Flocka Flame has reflected on his past friendship with Gucci Mane. Although they had a fallout, the "Round of Applause" rhymer acknowledged that he and Gucci "needed each other to go forward."

Waka opened up about his and Gucci's past relationship when appearing on the "Fresh & Fit" podcast. He first noted he met Gucci after his mom Debra Antney told him to go on the road with her so he could stay out of trouble.

"To me, I looked at Gucci like f**k it, we had become best friends," he said. "It was like big brother, little brother s**t until we seen eye to eye with each other, once upon a time," he recalled. "But, I seen [Gucci] as an investment for my mom so I had to protect the investment, and I just learned the game."

"My first time meeting Gucci was at a club. He was performing at a club and he had like a good local song that n***as that robbed loved," he added. "We used to just love this record, it was our anthem, me and my patnas. He had some s**t called, 'Black Tee'."

Waka went on to note that people started referring to him as the rapper's "hypeman" following Gucci's show. "When I got with Gucci, I seen that he was just like me. If I never got with Gucci, me and him probably wouldn't be alive. The biggest thing I've learned over the years is, we needed each other to go forward," he noted.


Despite growing apart over the years, Waka previously claimed that there is no bad blood between him and Gucci. "We good," he explained on Shannon Sharpe's "Club Shay Shay" podcast. "He doing something totally different. I wouldn't move how he move. I couldn't do that … He happy doing what he doing. And s**t, I'm happy doing what I'm doing."

"So, if it ever intertwines in a time and place, it's what it is. But he happy. And to me, that's all I ever wanted to see – my dawg happy," the TV personality continued. "He happy being where he at, I don't gotta be there. I'll cheer for a n***a from a mile away. I don't care."

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