DDG Laughs Off Speculations He Sells His Soul to Devil

The 'Moonwalking in Calabasas' rapper takes to Instagram to respond to a fan sending him a lengthy DM, accusing him of selling his soul to the devil in return for fame.

AceShowbiz - DDG's quick rise to fame apparently prompted Internet users to come up with a crazy conspiracy theory. On Thursday, February 23, the "Moonwalking in Calabasas" rapper responded to a fan accusing him of selling his soul to the devil in return for fame.

He posted on his Instagram Story a screenshot of one of his followers sending him a lengthy DM. "DDG why did u sell ur soul bro, im a follower of Christ dont say u didn't i know," the fan said. "You will never find peace in your chains, cars, another girl etc. Jesus will give u peace."

The fan went on preaching, "I love u bro ive been watching u since day one. This industry will pull u further and further from God. Your eternal life is much more important than anything in this fallen world. Your gonna die bro it could be tomorrow. And i u dont know Jesus when u die u are going to be burning forever just like the rest of those devil worshipping industry plant." Concluding his message, the fan wrote, "Again, this is out of love brother. I care abot u."

In response to that, DDG made it clear that he's not part of Illuminati. "I promise y'all i did not 'sell my soul,' " the rapper, who recently earned a platinum plaque and a number of co-signs, said. "It's 2023. Just because n***a got money don't mean they worship the devil or whatever conspiracies y'all be running with."

Fans, meanwhile, were not thrilled to see the accusations for so many reasons. "Ya associate black people that get money with selling their soul too much," one Instagram user said. "Idk why it's so hard for black to believe that black ppl can be rich too," one other echoed the sentiment.

"idk why people be so concerned or even feel obligated to know who or what someone worships. Focus on your own salvation," someone else said. Another person added, "Y'all sell y'all souls everyday going to jobs you hate and doing unethical stuff just to stay employed and get your biweekly paycheck."

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