'The Bachelor' Recap: Zach Shallcross Eliminates One Woman for Causing Drama

In the new episode of season 27 of the ABC dating show, Christina is starting to rub some women the wrong way during a football group date with 14 other women.

AceShowbiz - Zach Shallcross' love journey continued in a new episode of "The Bachelor" season 27. Airing on Monday, February 6, the episode saw Christina starting to rub some women the wrong way during a football group date with 14 other women.

At the group date, Christina continued talking about the one-on-one date that she had a week prior. Later at the after-party, Zach told Christina that she should "trust in what [they] have" whenever she started worrying about where she stood.

While things were going well for Zach and Christina, the other women were annoyed by Christina and the fact that she always talked about getting the first one-on-one date of the season. "Christina really likes to talk about her one-on-one date with Zach," Katherine Izzo said in a confessional. "It could be either she wants to rub it in our face or she's just unaware, but it does make me feel uncomfortable," she continued.

When Christina did it again, Brooklyn Willie called her out. "Respectfully, like you said, you had a one-on-one," Brooklyn said. "If I hear one-on-one…I might lose my mind. Not that I don't care or I'm not happy for you, but we know. We heard about your one-on-one. I feel like it's almost malicious."

Bailey was also affected by Christina's continuous bragging. She later asked Zach if he thought he'd be able to get there with her, and he admitted that he wasn't confident there'd be a future between them. Bailey was then eliminated on the group date.

While the other women were upset by Bailey's elimination, Christina appeared to be unbothered. "Although it's sad and she was our roommate, that's inevitable," Christina said.

Later, Zach gave the group date rose to Charity Lawson. "I'm just confused," Christina admitted in front of everyone. "Maybe I missed something. Honestly, I'm mad that it wasn't me. Duh."

Brianna, who previously had tension with Christina, couldn't take it any longer. She decided to leave the show at a pool party. "I'm feeling raw and numb at the same time," Brianna said in a confessional. "It's confusing to me when I see that connections are being formed and some of these women are saying they have such deep feelings when I've been feeling like there might not be anything here with me and Zach romantically. So I'm disheartened, a little heartbroken and I kind of feel like I'm on my way out."

Speaking with Zach, she told him that Christina was the one who made her want to leave. "I feel like our connection didn't get off the ground because of hard things I've been going through in the house," Brianna explained.

She added, "A lot of the girls, I think, are struggling to be authentic because they've had intimidation and really hard times with this person. She made Charity cry after you gave her the rose, she made me cry several times. We should be able to be in a safe environment where there's no intimidation. For more people than just me, Christina does that. I just wanted you to know how I feel, but I do have to leave for my own peace of mind."

Zach was "shocked" to hear this about Christina. He said that he wanted "this to be a safe space for the women." He then pulled Christina aside and confronted her with Brianna's allegations.

"I have been confronted by some of the girls that I'm rubbing people the wrong way," Christina shared. "I'm able to just be happy and outgoing and loud and a lot of people are taking that as me wanting to be the center of attention or that I feel like I'm privileged. There were two girls to confront me and I was able to offer clarification and I thought it was settled."

Zach told Christina that he didn't have time to deal with drama like this. While Christina insisted that it would "be a mistake" to believe the accusations, Zach said that he needed time to think.

Zach eventually decided not to give Christina a rose at the rose ceremony and sent her home. Christina was beyond devastated, but she said to Zach that she understood and wished him the best. "Right now, it just kind of hurts," Christina divulged. "Zach blew me away. I expected to like him, but not as much as I did so fast. I hope he finds his person. Sadly, it's not me."

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