'RHOP' Star Karen Huger Says Season 8 Will Focus on Robyn Dixon's Husband's Cheating Drama

Karen hints that season 8 of the Bravo reality show will be focusing on the couple's drama after Robyn admitted that she's aware of Juan's infidelity after previously denying it.

AceShowbiz - Fans will be able to see more of the cheating drama involving Robyn Dixon and her husband Juan Dixon in the next season of "The Real Housewives of Potomac", according to Karen Huger. In a new interview, Karen hints that season 8 of the Bravo reality show will be focusing on the couple's drama.

"Season 8 will be all about what's at Robyn's doorstep," Karen said on Tuesday, January 31. She further added that Robyn would have no choice but to address her husband's infidelity, which she vehemently denied in season 7.

Karen continued, "There will be no deflection. There would be questions that she has to answer. I'm really happy for her to maybe have the opportunity to show some decorum and Robert up as she always does and be the Robert that we know her to be and handle her s**t and stop deflecting."

In response to Karen's revelation, fans showed excitement for the upcoming season. "That's right don't fire her.. that's too easy ! Somebody get ahold of the woman & film with her," one fan said in an Instagram comment.

However, some others cast doubt that Robyn will join season 8. "Plot Twist Robyn skips out on season 8 dodging the heat avoiding the grilling," one person opined. One other believed that "there's no season 8 for Robyn. Either she is leaving Voluntarily or involuntarily."

There were also Internet users who blasted Karen for being hypocritical. "The Queen of deflection telling somebody else not to deflect. Karen shutup," someone fumed. "But Karen you've always deflected and never answered any questions honestly," someone else noted.

Karen's interview arrived after Robyn admitted in the Monday episode of her and Gizelle Bryant's "Reasonably Shady" that she knew about husband Juan Dixon's affair while they were engaged. Addressing a woman who came forward on TikTok with receipts claiming she had an affair with Juan and that Robyn knew about it, Robyn said, "First of all, I was aware of the situation before we filmed season 7."

She also added that she assumed that the woman also told her "RHOP" co-stars about the matter. She claimed she was waiting for someone to spill the tea during the filming. But instead, Karen brought up another cheating allegation in Mexico and Robyn found it "ridiculous."

In response to her confession, her co-stars quickly took to social media to troll her. "Well you don't say……," Karen tweeted. Dr. Wendy Osefo wrote on her own page, "Clown behavior….."

As for Candiace Dillard's husband Chris Bassett, he said, "So wait…there were TRUTHS that were omitted/not filmed during our season…as a cast, we chose to tell FALSEHOODS & LIES about innocent people all season long & now we are charging for the truth? WTF. I'm good on this bulls**t." To that, Candiace replied, "Chyyyyleee."

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