'Trustfall' is a follow-up to Pink's previously-released single, 'Never Gonna Not Dance Again', which will also appear on her forthcoming ninth studio album.

AceShowbiz - Pink is back with empowering new single and music video. On Friday, January 27, the singer released a song called "Trustfall", which is the title track to her upcoming ninth studio album.

As for its visuals, the clip shows a young woman searching for confidence. Pink, meanwhile, narrates in the background, "Are you gonna fall? Is someone supposed to catch you? Or do you catch yourself? There will be something worth falling for."

The video then cuts to the musician singing on a rooftop of the "Illusion Hotel". She chants in the chorus, "Closе your eyes and leavе it all behind/ Go where love is on our side/ It's a trust fall, baby/ It's a trust fall, baby/ You and I and everyone alive/ We can run into the fire/ It's a trust fall, baby/ Yeah, it's a trust fall, baby."

The MV features Pink dancing with a group of dancers in the middle of the street at night. In the end, Pink hugs the young woman and gives her advice, "You're s**t scared and your whole body is shaking. Go in there and just f**ing do it. Just do it, whatever it is, and then boom, it's gone. The fear is gone."

"Trustfall" is a follow-up to "Never Gonna Not Dance Again", which arrived on November 4, 2022. The two tracks will appear on Pink's forthcoming album which is slated to be released on February 17 through RCA Records.

Pink previously explained why the album is personal to her. When speaking to "Good Morning America", she elaborated, "It's very, very true to what I believe and where I am and what I'm feeling and what I think a lot of people are feeling... I took time. I had time and I had a lot of really devastating things happen. My son and I got really sick with COVID. That sort of distilled down for me what actually matters."

"And it takes a crisis to do that. It takes your kids getting sick to be like, 'Okay, none of this matters. I wanna see my kids grow up. That's what I want,' " she added. "I want to only put truth into the world. I want to only be authentic. And I want to be kinder and a better person."

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