Adam Lambert Claims His 'American Idol' Snub Is Due to Homophobia
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During an interview at the Sundance Film Festival, the Queen + Adam Lambert lead vocalist is asked if he thinks his loss in the eighth season of the singing competition is due to homophobia.

AceShowbiz - Adam Lambert believed that he could have won "American Idol" season 8. During an interview at the Sundance Film Festival, the 40-year-old singer was asked if he thinks his loss in the season was due to homophobia.

"Who knows, yeah, probably," Adam said at the iconic event where he's promoting his movie "Fairyland", per Variety. The singer, who has been serving as lead vocalist of Queen + Adam Lambert, however, noted, "But it was 10 years ago."

The crooner added, "The thing about our film is that even though it takes place in the 1970s, there are so many ideas in it that are current. LGBTQ people are under attack again by the conservative part of our country."

During the interview, Adam also weighed in on his recent comments about Theo James playing pop star George Michael in an upcoming biopic. "My actual comment was a straight actor playing a gay icon," he explained. "I by no means think that gay characters can only be played by gay actors. That would be ridiculous. Case in point: Scoot's brilliant performance in this film."

He went on clarifying that "equal opportunity" was what he's after. "As a queer person, so many doors have been closed for us for so long," he shared. "It's a big step forward that these stories are being told, but I hope in the future you'd see an out actor also being able to tackle an out leading role. I just want some equal opportunity."

On Tuesday, January 17, Adam showed a strong disapproval after reports emerged that the "Divergent" star is the top contender to play the Wham! frontman in an upcoming film. "Yay another straight man playing a gay icon," he sarcastically reacted to the casting news, adding with a rolling eye emoji.

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