Boris Becker Plans to Propose to Girlfriend Following Jail Release
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The retired German tennis player reportedly wants to take his relationship with Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro to the next level after returning home from prison.

AceShowbiz - Boris Becker is rumored to plan to propose to Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro. The 55-year-old former tennis star is keen to propose to his girlfriend following his return to Germany after recently serving an eight-month sentence in a British prison.

"It's mixed emotions for Boris. He's thrilled and relieved to be home for Christmas and is deeply in love with Lilian. He's told pals he'll get down on one knee, and that she is 'The One,' " a source told The Sun newspaper.

Boris spent eight months in prison after he was found guilty of hiding worldwide assets and loans from a UK court. The former sports star was deported from the country following his release from prison, and he won't be appearing on the BBC's coverage of Wimbledon in 2023.

The insider explained, "His services are no longer required at Wimbledon, his favourite gig. It's understood his team haven't been told so he's sure to be gutted. But he can't get back into the UK, so covering it wouldn't be easy."

A spokesperson for the three-time Wimbledon winner previously confirmed that Boris intended to return to Germany following his early release from prison.

He said, "We are pleased for Boris that he may qualify for an early release and be able to travel to Germany, albeit England has been his home for many, many years. I'm sure it will mean a lot to him and his family to be reunited for Christmas."

Boris was sentenced to prison after he was found guilty of transferring around £390,000 from his business account to others, including those of his ex-wife Barbara Becker and estranged spouse Lilly Becker.

He also failed to declare his share in a £1 million property in his home town of Leimen, Germany, and hid a bank loan of almost £700,000. What's more, Boris concealed tens of thousands of shares in a technology firm, which were valued at around £66,000.

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