Boris Becker Details the Horror of Being in Prison in Interview
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The three-time Wimbledon champion reportedly goes into detail about his eight months behind bars with killers and rapists in an hour-long chat that will air on German channel Sat.1.

AceShowbiz - Boris Becker has reportedly described his horror over being jailed with killers and rapists in a £435,000 interview with a German TV station. Mail Online reported on Monday, December 19, the three-time Wimbledon champion, 55, will go into detail about his eight months behind bars for bankruptcy-related financial offences.

The outlet said even though details of the hour-long chat are being kept secret, it will include Boris describing his terror over being forced to share a cell with murderers and sex offenders, and his confusion over basics such as showering behind bars. Mail Online said since the grand slam icon was freed from prison in the U.K. under an early release scheme on Thursday December 15, he has been holed up in a hotel during final editing of the interview, which is set to be aired on Tuesday, December 20, on German channel Sat.1.

An insider told the outlet, "It's been a very rapid turn around but it's taken time because the interview has been done in German and English. The aim is to distribute it abroad to a world wide market and there has been significant interest. He's been so busy he hasn't even had time to see his mother but they have spoken on the telephone. The final editing will go down to just a few hours before broadcast on Tuesday night and then afterwards there will be a live TV debate."

It's believed Boris' interviewer will be Steven Gatjen, who reportedly saw Boris three times in prison. He said, "Boris Becker told me that he was very afraid of ending up in a collective cell. For the first four days, however, he was alone, incommunicado, and locked in his cell 24 hours a day, with an hour out a day. He didn't even take a shower during this time because he didn't know how and where that was actually done in prison. After those first four days in solitary confinement, his only goal was to get out and work."

Boris was freed from HMP Hunterscombe in Oxfordshire and flown by private jet to the TV station to Munich for recording. He was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in April at Southwark Crown Court after he was found guilty of hiding £2.5 million worth of assets and loans to avoid repaying his debts.

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