British Royal Family Will Remain Mum on 'Harry and Meghan' - This Is Why

A royal expert claims that the royal family has opted to stay silent following the release of Volume I of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's explosive docuseries on Netflix.

AceShowbiz - Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made headlines in the wake of the release of their Netflix docuseries "Harry & Meghan". While people may be wondering if the British royal family will publicly react to the show, a royal expert claims that the royal family opts to stay silent about the docuseries.

"I've spoken to senior palace aides who said they are reluctant to comment unless there is anything damaging, untrue or defamatory," royal expert Katie Nicholl explained to Entertainment Tonight on Thursday, December 8. "In this docuseries, they really don't want to be drawn into it for the simple fact that they don't want to give an already much-hyped docuseries even more oxygen or publicity."

Katie added, "So, I think if they can ride this out without being drawn into it, then that's probably the strategy. I'm told by a senior palace aide, it's a case of keep calm and carry on, and let's not get too distracted by this."

She also shared that the royal family seemingly won't be tuning in either. "So, my understanding is that the royals, certainly the King and the Queen Consort will not be watching the docuseries," the expert said.

As for Prince William and Princess Kate, Katie opined that the Duke and Duchess of Cambrige "were on the school run today -- they weren't at home when the docuseries aired. It was business as usual, family first, and I don't believe they will be watching it, no."

"I think there's a sense of weariness and fatigue at hearing this story solely through the mouthpieces of Harry and Megan and of course, William and Kate, the King and Queen Consort, they can't really answer back, so, I think it's just a case of, we're not going to engage," Katie noted.

"Yes, they're free to do this, if this is the path they choose to take, but we'll only intervene if there is anything deeply damaging, and as we saw with [Oprah Winfrey], the palace really only intervened over that really damaging race allegation about the color of their unborn son's skin," she continued. "I think they just want to keep their distance from it," she added. "And by not watching it, I suppose, is a way of not engaging."

In the first three episodes of "Harry & Meghan", the pair dropped bombshell revelations as they talked about their secret romance, their engagement as well as Meghan's first days being introduced to the world of royalty.

On the show, Harry called the online harassment against Meghan the 21st century version of the paparazzi harassment of Princess Diana. "The harassment exists more online now. Once the photographs are out and the story is next to it, then comes the social media harassment. To see another woman in my life who I love go through this feeding frenzy, that's hard. It's basically the hunter versus the prey," the Duke of Sussex said.

Meghan added, "The moment that she divorced, the moment she left the institution, then she was by herself. Yes, she may well have been one of most influential, powerful women in the world, but she was completely exposed to this."

The Duchess, however, noted that the intense scrutiny, brought the couple closer together. "When all of that started happening, my friends and people in my life who love me and care about me were like 'Is he worth this? Like, we know you're happy and we know that you love him. Is this worth this? Look what is happening to your life,' " she said.

Volume II of "Harry & Meghan" will be released on December 15 on Netflix.

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