Fans Have Hilarious Reactions After Steve Harvey Shares Dating Advice He Gives to His Daughters
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Internet users have mixed responses after a new viral video sees the TV icon responding to an audience member who asked him for some tips to score a second date.

AceShowbiz - A video of Steve Harvey sharing some dating advice went viral on the Internet. In the clip, the TV icon could be seen responding to an audience member who asked him for some tips to score a second date.

"I'm single, but I am dating. And I'm not getting, like, reoccurring dates," the female audience member said. "So I wanted to ask in your opinion when a guy goes out in first date, what attracts him to her to make him say, 'I wanna see her again.' "

In response to that, Steve replied, "This is what you're not doing. If you're having trouble getting a second date continue, all you gotta do listen to what I taught my daughters." He continued, "You must let him see what he can get, but make him imagine what he can have."

"This is very smart, ladies," the TV host added. "You have to let him see what he can get, but you gotta make him imagine what he can have. That's what we want – the thing that's the hardest to get."

Upon watching the clip, Internet users showed mixed, hilarious responses to it. Wanting for a more elaborated explanation, one person wrote in an Instagram comment, "She was like, "yeah I get it." NO MAAM YOU SHOULD'VE SAID NO. I don't know what this cryptic message means break it down."

Another user joked, "If he taught Lori…listen to him sis," referring to Steve's step-daughter Lori Harvey who is known for dating stars including Sean "P. Diddy" Combs and Michael B. Jordan. "Don't give up everything. Leave some things to the imagination.I'm other words, make him work for it," someone added.

"Nahhh it's simple, nobody is paying for anybody we can't have a good time with. If we genuinely want to get to know you (not just sex) and the first date was like, damn, she's hella fun to be around,I can be myself, and we can talk about anything, there's no reason you shouldn't get that call," another person opined.

Meanwhile, one user didn't think that Steve should be the last person people go for dating advice. "I'm not taking "dating advice" from a man who did both his ex wives dirty just to get to the 3rd & who has a daughter with questionable ways…," the person noted.

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