Stanley Tucci 'Didn't See the Point of Living' During Cancer Battle

The 'Devil Wears Prada' actor was 'cranky' and 'miserable' as he lost his ability to enjoy a meal with his loved ones after getting diagnosed with tongue cancer.

AceShowbiz - Stanley Tucci compared himself to "a ghost in [his] own house" when he had cancer. Diagnosed with tongue cancer in 2017, the 62-year-old actor - who has three adult children with late first wife Kathryn Spath and Matteo, seven, and Emilia, four, with wife Felicity Blunt - admitted he reached a period where he "didn't see the point of living" if he would no longer be able to enjoy the pleasure of enjoying a meal with his loved ones again.

"I was a cranky patient. Because I was miserable. I thought it was never going to go away. And I was like, how did this happen... There were times when I thought I was never going to be able to eat with my family again. The things I love to do are eat and taste and drink. And I love to do them with the people I love," he said.

"If I can't do that, then I really don't see the point of living. I spent months and months up in my room, listening to everybody. Like a ghost in my own house. People coming and going. And I would go down and I would cook, but I couldn't eat it - but I'd want to cook. Sometimes it almost made me ill to do it, but I wanted to do it. It was pretty f****** awful."

The "Supernova" star has since gone into remission but there are still some foods and drinks he can't enjoy the way he used to. He told You magazine, "Since I wrote 'Taste', the list of things I can eat has got longer. I think I'm probably at the point where I don't know how much better it's going to get. This is what the doctors have told me, but I'm at a very good place."

"Can I just tuck into a big piece of steak? No, I still can't. And with a burger, there has to be a high-fat content, which is what I like anyway. So that's fine. I don't believe in lean burgers. What's the point? If the wine's too warm, or has too many tannins, it hurts too much. Because this is all brand new."

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