The 'Congratulations' rapper and his Migos groupmate Takeoff release the new visuals in support of the single, which is believed to be a diss track aimed at his former girlfriend.

AceShowbiz - Quavo is sending another message about his messy relationship with Saweetie in a new music video with Takeoff. The two-third of hip-hop group Migos have released the visuals for their single "Messy" lifted off their collaborative album "Only Built For Infinity Links" in which Quavo reenacts his elevator fight with his ex-girlfriend.

The approximately three-and-a-half minute video opens with Quavo waking up in a car and telling Takeoff that he just had a crazy nightmare. The two then fall back asleep, which is when their song begins playing.

Most of the video features the camera panning through a house decorated for spooky season and sees the two rappers walking past various characters having arguments. Quavo later appears in a scene shot in the mode of an elevator security camera, which was how his fight with Saweetie was first exposed.

Making it clearer, Ouavo then pulls out his orange "Call of Duty"-themed game console case, which Saweetie snatched from him during their 2021 altercation. "Now s**t got messy (Uh)/ Smokin' exotic s**t with an exotic b***h (Exotics)," he raps in that particular scene. "Geekin', I'm bringin' all kind of narcotics with me (Narcotics)/ Got guns on the table, I'm like, 'Who fire this is?' (Who?)/ This b***h got past security, I'm like, 'Who let her in?' (Gang)"

Quavo previously fueled the speculation that Saweetie hooked up with Offset with the lyrics of the song, which read, "I said 'Caresha please' 'cause she too messy/ B***h f**k my dawg behind my back, but I ain't stressin'/ You wanted the gang, you shoulda just said it, we would have blessed it."

The "No Brainer" rhymer was seemingly also taking a jab at Yung Miami, who interviewed Saweetie on her podcast "Caresha Please", during which the "Best Friend" raptress talked about the end of her long-term relationship with Quavo.

Quavo, however, got coy when addressing Migos split rumors. The "Hotel Lobby" rapper said in an interview with the "Big Facts" podcast earlier this month, "We're supposed to stick together, and sometimes s**t don't work out. It ain't meant to be."

The 31-year-old went on to note that the issue is between him, Takeoff and Offset, not other parties. "We just stand on loyalty, we stand on real deal loyalty… This ain't got nothing to do with no label, no paperwork, no QC, no nothing," he explained. "This got something to do with the three brothers and it is what it is. Right now we gon' be the duo till time tell."

Takeoff, who was also present in the interview, chimed in, stressing that "family is always going to be family" despite going their separate ways. He added, "We pray so only time will tell. We always family. Ain't nothing gone change."

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