Nicki Minaj Slams Grammys for Putting 'Super Freaky Girl' in Pop and Latto's 'Big Energy' in Rap

The Trinidadian-born hip-hop star accuses the awards show of sabotaging her as her hit track is being put in Pop category 'so she has less of a chance to win.'

AceShowbiz - Nicki Minaj is airing out her frustration. The Trinidadian raptress has slammed the 2023 Grammy Awards for putting her new hit "Super Freaky Girl" in Pop category and Latto (Mulatto)'s "Big Energy" in Rap category.

The "Anaconda" spitter addressed the matter during an Instagram Live session on Thursday, October 13, claiming the move was unfair and inconsistent. " 'Super Freaky Girl', where I only rapped on the song, was removed out of the rap categories at the Grammys and put in pop," she told the viewers.

"Now, let's say that 'Super Freaky Girl' is a pop song. Let's just say that. What is [Latto's] 'Big Energy'?" Nicki continued. "If you move 'Super Freaky Girl' out of rap and put it in pop, do the same thing for 'Big Energy'. Same producers on both songs, by the way. So let's keep s**t fair. Even when I'm rapping on a pop track, I still out-rap."

A furious Nicki later said that the decision was a form of sabotage. "What do you think is going to happen when they start voting on these pop categories?" she said. "And it's a bunch of people, white or whatever they're from, older or whatever, and they have to decide between Nicki Minaj and Harry Styles, or Nicki Minaj and Adele."

"Like, that's purposely designed so that Nicki is not in the category that we don't want any competition in. 'Put her in there so she has less of a chance to win,' " Nicki fumed. "But black women rarely, even though we're the most powerful group on the planet, a lot of times we don't speak up until it's too late."

Not stopping there, Nicki turned to Twitter to express her feelings. "I have no prob being moved out the RAP category as long as we r ALL being treated FAIRLY. If SFG has 2B moved out RAP then so does Big Energy! ANY1 who says diff is simply a Nicki hater or a troll. I'd actually LUV 2 c a more street record win- male OR female!" she posted.

In a following post, Nicki reiterated her statement that Grammys "sabotaged" her. "Could you imagine someone telling you not to 'complain' about being treated unfairly at your workplace?" she penned. "This is my job. I work very hard. No diff from a 9-5 where you should speak up for yourself if you know you're a great employee & continue to be purposely sabotaged."

Nicki Minaj's tweets

Nicki slammed Grammys for putting 'Super Freaky Girl' in Pop category.

Upon noticing Nicki's social media rant, Latto appeared to respond via Twitter. "Damn I can't win for losing… all these awards/noms I can't even celebrate," so said the 23-year-old Ohio-born femcee.

Latto's tweet

Latto seemingly responded to Nicki's rant.

A few minutes later, Nicki posted a screenshot of a message allegedly from Latto. The message read, "I agree w you however because of where we left off ion think u need to bring my name/song up to prove ur point."

Reacting to the text, Nicki stated, "This Karen has probably mentioned my name in over 100 interviews." She continued, "Says she waited in line for Pink Friday w|her Barbie chain on, bangs, pink hair…but today, scratch off decides to be silent; rather than speak up for the black woman she called her biggest inspiration."

Nicki Minaj's tweet

Nicki Minaj shared what appeared to be Latto's message asking Nicki to stop bringing out her name and her song 'Big Energy'.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Nicki submitted "Super Freaky Girl" to various hip-hop categories for the Grammys. However, a source claimed the Academy pulled the track from rap consideration after determining it was better suited for Best Pop Solo Performance.

The insider said the decision was primarily based on the playful, poppy of the song, which samples Rick James' iconic 1981 hit "Super Freak". The outlet also stated that there have been other tracks with "rap elements" that have competed for pop awards. These include Lizzo's "Truth Hurts", Doja Cat's "Say So" and Post Malone's "Better Now".

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