KT Tunstall Says Listening to Her New Album Is 'Like Going Into Space'

The 'Suddenly I See' singer wants fans to enjoy their own company while they are listening to the new songs in her latest studio installment which is part of a trilogy.

AceShowbiz - KT Tunstall hopes people will "take [themselves] on a date" with her new album. The "Suddenly I See" hitmaker believes the listening experience should be done alone when it comes to her newly-released LP "Nut", the third record in a trilogy exploring her whole self, which began with "Kin" and was followed by "Wax".

"I want people to be able to put on a pair of headphones and just go inward and realise it's like going into space," she said. "There's this enormous world to be explored and enjoyed. Yes, there's dark corners, but I think the trilogy really is a soundtrack to be excited, to be with yourself - to take yourself on a date."

"This trilogy turned out to be this soundtrack to personal growth, which was quite timely with everything the world has been and is going through."

When she began writing the trilogy, KT learned a lot about herself. She told HELLO! magazine, "When I started writing, it was a time of real exploration, therapy and working out why I wasn't happy. 'Kin' was a big spiritual air punch."

When touring "Wax", which was released in 2018, the 47-year-old singer lost her hearing in one ear. She reflected, "My younger brother is profoundly deaf so I grew up with deafness in the family. I was left thinking, 'What the hell is going to happen when I make a record about the brain? I'm gonna have these ridiculous experiences.' And then I did - the pandemic happened and the whole world went mad."

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