Khloe Kardashian Pokes Fun at Someone Who Sues Her for Participating in Goat Yoga

Filing the lawsuit against the former 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star is Nashville singer Chezney McGoat, who is also suing Kevin Hart and two other A-listers for doing the same thing.

AceShowbiz - Khloe Kardashian is not afraid of a new lawsuit filed against her. Having been sued by someone for participating in goat yoga, the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" alum took to social media to poke fun at the plaintiff.

Making use of Instagram Story, the 38-year-old Good American founder shared a screenshot of a message that read, "Hope you had a good weekend. We're writing up a lawsuit against Khloe filed by singer [blocked out] in Tennessee. He's claiming emotional distress after watching her participate in goat yoga. He wants $5,0000. I've included a screenshot of the lawsuit."

Alongside the snap, Khloe sent out a question to her online devotees about how she should respond to the news. Running a poll, she gave three options, "Send him a goat to calm his distress," "Counter sue - now I'm distressed," and "Start a goat yoga business."

Khloe then followed it up with some photos from a 2018 video in which she performed yoga surrounded by goats with Kevin Hart. In one of the snaps, she penned, "I guess not even goat yoga is safe anymore. Sorry Kev."

It turns out Khloe is not the only one being sued by Nashville singer Chezney McGoat. According to, Chezney also filed separate lawsuits against Kevin, Sophie Turner and Maren Morris for doing the same thing.

"After seeing videos and photos of each of these high-profile individuals making light and promoting goat yoga for their own gain, I cannot get over knowing what these animals have gone through just for entertainment purposes," Chezney, who is demanding $5,000 from each of the A-listers, told the outlet. "All goats employed for these purposes are disbudded."

"A hot iron between 900 and 1000 degrees Fahrenheit is taken to young baby goats' heads to prevent the growth of horns. The pain they must go through doesn't even compare to the distress seeing/knowing that all has caused me emotionally," the musician added. "It disgusts me and needs to stop! I call on these 'celebs' to apologize and pay up, where I will then donate the funds to help save more goats from suffering."

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