John Legend 'Can't Imagine' His Success Without Kanye West's Help

Despite their rocky friendship, the 'All of Me' hitmaker is 'eternally grateful' to the GOOD Music producer for giving him platform when he had just started out his career.

AceShowbiz - John Legend says he is indebted to Kanye West. Releasing his debut album, "Get Lifted", on Kanye's GOOD Music record label, the 43-year-old singer will always appreciate what the rap star has done for him.

"I can't imagine my career without Kanye's influence. He gave me a platform because of his success as an artist and producer. I don't know whether any of this would have happened without us meeting and helping each other. I'm eternally grateful to him," John reflected.

John and Kanye, 45, have found themselves at loggerheads over politics in recent years. And although the "All of Me" hitmaker is keen to remain friends with Kanye, he admits their relationship is still on the rocks.

He told The Sun newspaper, "We disagree on things but I never thought it was a reason for us not to be friends. What upset Kanye was me not supporting him in running for president. He still hasn't got over it."

John and his wife Chrissy Teigen have both been outspoken on various social and political issues in recent years. And the Grammy-winning star believes he has a responsibility to make his voice heard. He said, "As a black artist, I've always felt it is my role to speak up for our people. I want to achieve justice and equality in a country that has been intent on denying us for so long."

By contrast, John recently claimed that some musicians are "afraid" to voice their honest opinions. The chart-topping star said, "The artists who feel like they can't talk about what they believe, they're probably more stressed than I am - they're afraid they're going to lose fans. I don't feel that fear. I say the things that I'm passionate about and I believe in, and it feels liberating. This is who I want to be in the world."

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