Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady's Alleged Marital Woes 'Widening' After She Flies to NYC Solo
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The Brazilian beauty touches down in New York City without the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback and their children amid rumored marital issues over his NFL return.

AceShowbiz - Gisele Bundchen is flying solo. The Brazilian supermodel has landed in New York City amid rumored marital drama that allegedly stemmed from her husband Tom Brady's decision to return to NFL.

Page Six reported on Tuesday, September 13 that the 42-year-old beauty is in NYC for modeling work during New York Fashion Week. With this new trip, sources claimed the rift between her and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback is "widening."

Insiders added that Gisele may be going through some kind of crisis about relaunching her career. "Within the last few years, Gisele has fired her longtime agent at IMG, moved to UTA, then fired them and moved to CAA for just over a year and then recently fired them," explained the sources.

The sources added that Gisele had been hopeful of landing the March cover of U.S. Vogue and was devastated when it went to Kim Kardashian. So she instead went to British Vogue. "Moments like this make you question your own mortality. And even though Gisele is not walking on the catwalk anymore, she wants to stay at the forefront of the fashion industry. If Tom is going back to work, then so can she," so said the informants.

Gisele's flight to NYC came shortly after her interview with Elle, in which she addressed her "concerns" over Tom's ongoing NFL career, was released. "Obviously, I have my concerns-this is a very violent sport, and I have my children and I would like him to be more present," she confessed.

"I have definitely had those conversations with him over and over again. But ultimately, I feel that everybody has to make a decision that works for [them]," Gisele added. "He needs to follow his joy, too."

As for Tom, it's recently reported that he's "expected" to retire after this season. Addressing the latest retirement rumors, Tom said on "Let's Go!" podcast with Jim Gray, "One of these days, they're going to be right. I will say that. One of these days, if you make enough predictions and so forth. I think we've all kind of talked about the predictions that have not come true. But for me, the ability to play and love what I'm doing in year 23 … it's really fun for me. I feel it out there. I feel the joy. I feel the happiness, the camaraderie."

"You wrestle with different things as you get older," Tom explained more. "I'd say the only thing that changed over time is you have different priorities when you get older. When I was 25, there was the simplicity of a 25-year-old life. I think when you're 45 you have other commitments and obligations that are very important to you, namely children that are growing up."

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