'Married at First Sight' Stunner Jessica Seracino Joins OnlyFans

The Australian bombshell has become latest reality television star to sign up for the adult subscription site, following in the footsteps of a lot of other celebrities.

AceShowbiz - Jessica Seracino has created an account on OnlyFans. She becomes the latest alum from "Married at First Sight Australia", the reality show about finding love, to create an account on the paid-for-subscription account where some users post adult-only content.

Seemingly making the account back in May, the 27-year-old television personality has only posted a few times in the last few months but the banner sees her posing in a very sexy red lingerie set with a book covering her nether regions.

Jessica's profile photo is much more demure as it shows her face and shoulders as she sports a green shirt with a few buttons undone and to view her content, you have to fork out cool $11-a-month.

The florist - who hails from Melbourne, Australia - was a surprise bombshell on the ninth season of the show earlier this year - which has spawned many international editions - and was deemed to be a villain after she labelled her new husband Daniel Holmes "a little b****" for being "too emotional."

However, Jessica defended herself, labelling herself a "very lovely person" despite being shown to be a "absolute b****" on the programme and revealed her anger on the show stemmed from her 31-year-old groom complaining about her to producers, instead of directly to her face.

Jessica said, "I said [to him], "If you don't have the balls to say something to me, don't be a little b****.'"

She "understood" why viewers say her in a negative light but said the edit made it look different and that actually she and Daniel "don't hate each other." Jessica added, "[Daniel and I] don't hate each other. We were mismatched; it wasn't a great pair. I don't blame people for giving me backlash, [but] it didn't go down that way at all."

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