Jim Edmonds Calls Out Meghan King for Exploiting Son's Potty-Training Struggles

Reacting to his ex-wife's latest revelation about their son, the retired MLB player wishes she would respect their child's privacy instead of 'putting their son and his challenges in the spotlight.'

AceShowbiz - Jim Edmonds is terribly upset with his ex-wife Meghan King. Upon learning that "The Real Housewives of Orange County" alum has publicly talked about her struggles in potty training their 4-year-old, the retired MLB player hit out at his former spouse for putting their child's issues under the spotlight.

"Jim wishes Meghan would respect their children's privacy and stop putting their son and his challenges in the spotlight," Jim's representative, Steve Honig, revealed in an interview with TMZ on Thursday, July 21. Steve went on to add, "[Jim] says to get attention for herself."

Jim's response came only days after Meghan posted a clip asking for online advice from her "warrior therapy parents" followers on how to potty-train her toddler, Hart. "So I really could use some of your advice because I've been trying to get Hart potty-trained for… I don't know, a year I'd say at least," she said in the video, adding, "And you guys know Hart has CP. He has Cerebral Palsy."

The mother of three further spilled that she has tried a number of ways to motivate her son, such as bribing him with toy, candy and a cat. Unfortunately, all her effort ended up in failure. She then pointed out, "Hart is afraid of the toilet (I think) and I've tried every motivator on the planet."

Knowing that Hart is going to start school in August, Meghan urged, "The clock is ticking as school requires him to be potty trained and it starts in a month! Any words of wisdom from others who have children with sensory issues, etc is much much appreciated (and NECESSARY at this point!). Take it away, warrior therapy parents, and tell me how it's done."

The short video, posted on Meghan's Instagram account on Tuesday, July 19, successfully attracted the attention of fellow parents who came to flood her comment sections with various tips. "Have you tried putting cheerios in the toilet? That's how I taught my Son and he had fun trying to hit them," one Instagram user suggested.

Other Instagram users also came up with more ideas to try. "Have you tried/thought about getting one of the little kid toilets? If he's scared maybe start small and work your way up to the big toilet," one proposed. "Sensory stuff is so hard, my son didn't struggle with potty training but in other areas we still struggle."

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