Jodie Sweetin Not Deterred After Being Slammed by Cops During Abortion Rights Protest

The former 'Fuller House' star was thrown to the ground by LAPD officers during a protest against the Roe v. Wade overturn, but vows to 'continue fighting for our rights.'

AceShowbiz - Jodie Sweetin is vowing to keep fighting for civil liberties after she was thrown to the ground by LAPD officers during an abortion rights protest. In footage captured by photographer Michael Ade, which was shared on social media, the "Full House" actress was seen being shoved by riot police on Saturday, June 25 when she was trying to lead a group of peaceful protestors away from a freeway.

"I'm extremely proud of the hundreds of people who showed up yesterday (June 25) to exercise their First Amendment rights and take immediate action to peacefully protest the giant injustices that have been delivered from our Supreme Court," the 40-year-old actress told Entertainment Tonight on Sunday, June 26. "Our activism will continue until our voices are heard and action is taken. This will not deter us, we will continue fighting for our rights. We are not free until all of us are free."

After being hurled several feet, Sweetin managed to stand up seconds later and continue to protest for a person's right to a safe abortion in response to the Supreme Court's decision to reverse the 1973 Roe v Wade ruling. Photographer Ade said on social media, "It pained me to see @JodieSweetin thrown to the ground by members of the LAPD as she was trying to lead a group of peaceful protestors away from the freeway… SMH @LAPDHQ what are y'all doing?"

"Jodi is the definition of a real one and fortunately she's okay! But for others who choose to protest today move with caution and keep your head on swivel," the photographer went on assuring fans and advising other protesters. "It's going to be a very long summer. #roevwade #abortionrights #losangeles."

Sweetin is the latest celeb to speak out and protest for abortion rights. Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo, Lizzo and former first lady Michelle Obama have also voiced out their frustration over the reversal.

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