JayDaYoungan's Baby Mama Slammed for Mocking His Girlfriend Who Loses Her Baby

After the 'Opps' emcee's current girlfriend CaRena V opens up about her heartbreak after suffering a miscarriage, his ex Jordan B celebrates it on Twitter instead of showing sympathy.

AceShowbiz - JayDaYoungan and his girlfriend CaRena V are mourning the loss of their child. On Sunday, June 19, while many others were happily celebrating Father's Day, CaRena marked the day with a heartbreaking post about her stillborn baby.

Taking to her Instagram page, CaRena shared a picture of her baby's tiny hand and her footprint. On the post, she revealed that her baby was named Amazi Breeze Scott and born on June 10, but sadly couldn't make it.

"It hurt me so bad to say goodbye to such a beautiful soul but you fought so long for mommy…," she opened up about her feeling in the aftermath of the devastating loss in the caption. "I question why you left me but I would've been selfish to ask you to stay…"

The grieving mom reflected on the short moment she spent with her child. "When I saw you i automatically fell in love, never felt love so strong…," she continued, "my heart is broken and I don't know if I'll ever be the same…. you taught me so much and you'll forever be with mommy! my guardian angel i miss you so much, your little kicks, seeing you every week, rubbing you, kissing you….."

CaRena went on sharing, "having to leave you at the hospital killed me,i prayed everyday for you baby, and thanked God for everyday he blessed you with!" Saying goodbye to the little soul, she penned, "God needed you up there with him… you were too good for this world full of evil & hate.. just wishing I could be with you up there…you mean the most to me my baby and I'll do anything for you… im broken but staying strong is the only choice i have… i love you mazi."

While many have expressed their condolences, JayDaYoungan's ex and baby mama Jordan B didn't echo the sympathy. She appeared to celebrate CaRena's miscarriage as tweeting, "It's dead b***h." She also added in a separate post, "That's why you wanted something that I have and didn't get it … ahaha."

Jordan has since been slammed by many social media users for her ill feelings toward a grieving mom. "Gurl becAreful what u laugh at," one warned her, which was echoed by another, "Oh wow.. be careful of what you say.." A third called it "sick smh."

"Nah she got something you still want & he don't want you," a fourth user mocked her. Someone else blasted Jordan, "There is a special place in hell for anyone that celebrates the death of a child."

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