Shocking Pics of Lana Del Rey's Boyfriend Jack Donoghue Surface After Their Dating Reports

The co-founder of Michigan band Salem is seen brandishing a gun while sharing a smooch with a woman and tongue-kissing a dog in some photos taken from his social media account.

AceShowbiz - Lana Del Rey is seemingly dating a man with peculiar interests. After it was revealed that the singer's new boyfriend is Jack Donoghue, shocking pictures of the actor have been brought to light.

With a little digging, Internet sleuths have compiled several troubling photos of the 33-year-old tattooed guy. One of the shocking images shows him casually brandishing a gun while sharing a smooch with brunette lady, whose face isn't clearly seen.

Some other images feature him tongue-kissing animals, including a dog and what looks like a cow, though it's not clear if the images were photoshopped or not. He's also seen locking lips with other men and posing suggestively with two other guys, who appear to be about to kiss.

Other disturbing posts found on his Instagram page include an image of a blood-stained bed, a bat with an erected penis, another photo of a bat which appears to be cooked and a man falling from a building.

Upon seeing the photos which have been posted by Jack, some people have weighed in on Lana's boyfriend. "So this guy is no good? Man that stinks. I thought Lizzie was finally happy and her man isn't any good," one person weighed in. Another commented on Lana's type of boyfriend, "She settled for a possibly gay, incestuous man who hails from the necks of the red variety. Interesting."

Some others were less shocked with one saying, "Is anyone really surprised, tho? Like when you reeeally think about it." Another remarked, "This makes a lot of sense and that's sad."

The identity of Lana's new boyfriend was revealed in late May after she attended Jack's 33rd birthday at the Fraternal Order of the Eagles social club in Altadena, East Los Angeles on May 20. A source close to the ex-boyfriend of Courtney Love told Daily Mail that the "Video Games" songstress made no secret of her affection for her new man during the birthday bash.

"They seem really into each other. I mean, she's made pretty clear in her music she likes bad boys with tattoos, Jack is that to the Nth level," the friend said. Dishing on the pair's seemingly unlikely romance, the source continued, "Jack is all dark and edgy and seems anti-everything but underneath all that he's actually a good-looking guy, an all-American hunk."

The informant went on noting, "He's kind of like this troubled, hot guy, someone who maybe played football in high school but then dropped out to chase his demons." The so-called insider then gushed, "They're like this unexpected power couple of dark twisted Americana."

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