Angelica Ross Isn't Sure About Her Potential Return to 'American Horror Story' Season 11

Responding to the rumors that she is returning for the forthcoming season of the hit horror series, the 'Pose' actress insists that she 'doesn't have any information' about it.

AceShowbiz - Angelica Ross has weighed in on rumors that she is returning for the new season of "American Horror Story". In a new interview, the "Pose" star insisted that she "doesn't have any information" about the forthcoming season of the horror series.

The 41-year-old actress isn't sure, despite rumors, that she is returning for the 11th season of the Ryan Murphy-created anthology series after featuring in the ninth and tenth seasons. While appearing on Scott McGlynn's Celebrity Skin Talk on Instagram Live on Tuesday, May 31, she responded to a flurry of comments asserting that she was confirmed for the latest season, saying, "Who wait? Ryan Murphy, what? I can't see, somebody, what?"

Angelica continued, "Sometimes the fans like, let me tell you, especially the 'American Horror Story' fans, some of them, I love 'American Horror Story' fans, but some of them will be on another situation, like they'd be reporting back, there waiting for me for to say something that on this live about 'American Horror Story' so they can go back and report saying that Angelica Ross said what have you, but let me let y'all know since we're talking about acting and 'American Horror Story' and all the things, I have no information for you."

"If you say Ryan Murphy confirmed that I'm in 'AHS' [season] 11, I don't know how he did that, because to my knowledge, I am not," Angelica stressed. "I don't know nothing about that. I don't know nothing about season 11. I can't give you any information. I am not in season 11 to my knowledge, so giving you that, I am always open to playing and coming back and playing with the girls and doing lots of things."

Angelica promised that she had "some really big announcements" in the not-so-distant future. The "Captain Zero" star said, "But I've got some really big announcements that I can't say yet but I have a big project that I'm going to be working on in New York," before adding that what she could "drop in is that I just signed a new project with Disney."

Later in the interview, Angelica gushed about how much she "loved" working on the FX show with Sarah Paulson and Lesley Grossman, calling watching them work a "masterclass." She said, "Oh my god, I loved playing Theta and I love working across Sarah Paulson. That was a moment for me."

"Sarah Paulson and Lesley Grossman were all doing the final scene together and it was a masterclass because at one point, Sarah and Leslie are laughing their heads off about something, and I think, I watched what they were doing, they were getting it out of their system," Angelica explained. "And they were like, they saying jokes to each other and we're about to film and then they would say, 'Action!' and both of these women would just shoo."

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