'Survivor 42' Finale: The Winner Has Best Kept Secret
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Jonathan, Maryanne, Mike, Lindsay and Romeo are the remaining five finalists in the last episode of the season, but only two are heading to the final tribal council.

AceShowbiz - "Survivor" season 42 has come to an end after weeks of enduring physical and mind games in the wilderness in Fiji. In the finale that aired on Wednesday, May 25, the remaining five finalists, Jonathan Young, Maryanne Oketch, Mike Turner, Lindsay Dolashewich and Romeo Escobar, arrived at a brand new beach without a shelter or tarp.

Jonathan and Lindsay started to bicker as he wanted no part of their alliance anymore after she voted for him. Meanwhile, Romeo bragged about having an idol and apparently tried to trick Romeo, Lindsay and Maryanne into siding with him by using his advantage.

All five players got an envelope with a clue to an advantage for the next challenge, but first they must unscramble a phrase. Lindsay was the only person to crack the code and she began trekking all over the island until finding the final goodie, which would give her a slight advantage in the immunity challenge.

In the immunity challenge, players must race through a series of obstacles collecting puzzle pieces along the way. Lindsay only had to untie one knot for every puzzle bag while others had to untie six knots. Despite Lindsay's advantage, Mike won the game and chose Jonathan to join him to enjoy the meal.

Back at the camp, everyone tried to form alliance again, with Mike also agreeing to use the idol for Jonathan. Meanwhile, Lindsay tried to convince Mike to take her to the end and Maryanne wondered if she should save Lindsay with her idol. At the tribal council, Lindsay was voted out and joined the jury.

The remaining four finalists then competed for another immunity. In the game, each contestant picked up a ball and dropped it into the contraption. Mike was soon eliminated from the challenge, followed by Maryanne. Romeo won the game and secured his place in the Final 3.

Before the tribal council, Maryanne and Romeo seemed to agree that they did not want Mike in the finals with them. They made it official in the tribal council and Jonathan became the final jury member.

In the final tribal, Mike and Maryanne pled their case in front of the jury. Maryanne argued against the idea that she didn't care enough about the game. Hai and Omar didn't seem to appreciate Mike's lack of game-ownership, but Drea called his social game "on point." Omar also criticized Maryanne's social game as "sloppy." Maryanne then impressed the jury by pulling out the merge idol, which she had kept secret.

The jury finally gave their votes and the result was 7-1-0 for Maryanne's victory. She was declared the Sole Survivor of season 42.

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