Lil Uzi Vert Declares He's Not Afraid of Falling Off Despite Getting Backlash for New Song Snippet

The song, which title has yet to be revealed, is expected to appear on the 26-year-old Generation Now artist's upcoming fifth studio album called 'The Pink Tape'.

AceShowbiz - Lil Uzi Vert won't let negative comments about his music stop him. Despite receiving backlash after he released a new song snippet, the "Xo Tour Llif3" rapper declared on social media that he's not afraid of falling off.

The 26-year-old reacted to the criticism on Monday night, May 23 via Twitter. "They just tryna hear the real deal and I only let them hear the fake," he penned in a tweet. "I am stepping bad on this album and y'all ain't hear nothin maybe alil but nothin. Trust me."

One of Uzi's followers then asked, "It's been 2 years since your last album uzi, aren't u scared ppl gon say you fell off??" In response, he replied, "Hell no I'm not scared I got that s**t on god and I don't even be saying on god nothin to talk about." The emcee went on to stress in a follow-up post, "Trust me you will be back they always come back."

Uzi dropped the snippet on early Monday morning. In the clip, he raps, "I've been doin' this for so long, you can't compare me/ Sold my soul to the devil (Soul), you can't scare me/ Travel slow underwater like I'm Gary (Like I'm Gary)/ N***a snitching like the Candace, where is Perry? (Where is perry?)."

Unfortunately, many were not feeling the track. "there comes a point as a rapper where the content of the lyrics has to evolve otherwise," one person opined. "this is a 40 year old man making high school musical songs," another added.

The criticism continued with one simply commenting, "down bad." A different user added, "His face and voice been annoying me for the past two years." Someone else chimed in, "reminder that lil uzi vert is one of the worst rappers to ever touch a microphone."

The song is expected to appear on Uzi's upcoming album, "The Pink Tape". When speaking about the project, the Generation Now artist told HipHopDX last August, "I'm feeling really good about it... Usually, I'll pump myself up even if I don't feel really good, and I'll be like 'oh this is it.' " He added, "[I do that] just to like give myself that extra push but this time I really kind of think this is it."

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