Yaya Mayweather's Mother Fumes After Someone Allegedly Set Her Beauty Bar on Fire

Floyd Mayweather, Jr.'s ex Melissia Rene takes to Instagram to express the devastation after her Rich Skinn Body and Beauty Bar is destroyed in the fire, claiming she has proof that caught the culprit in the act.

AceShowbiz - Yaya Mayweather's mother may have set up an example of being a boss of her own business, but her hard work has been destroyed in a snap. Melissia Rene, one of Floyd Mayweather, Jr.'s exes, has been left reeling after her beauty bar was destroyed in fire.

On Monday, May 23, Melissia took to her personal Instagram account as well as Rich Skinn Body & Beauty Bar's page to reveal how the place looks like in the aftermath of the fire. It was badly damaged with pretty much nothing left to save.

"Due to a Fire that was cause here at Rich Skinn Body & Beauty Bar we will no longer be opening our doors," read a caption accompanying the footage. "All the hard work & time I invested to making a beautiful experience for everyone who walked through those doors have been shattered…"

Over on her Instagram Story, Melissia claimed that someone purposely set the business ablaze because of "jealousy" and she has proof of the allegation. She wrote, "Yes someone set my business on fire purposely & I have footage! Jealousy is at a all time high! I'm thankful no one was hurt we can always rebuild…"

Melissia then posted footage that appeared to catch the culprit in the act of setting the place on fire. "This is what people are out here doing. F**king Sick," she fumed.

According to local news report, the Clark County Fire Department responded to fire that broke out in a building across the street from Sunset Park, Las Vegas on Monday morning. CCFD tells FOX5 when crews arrived they encountered heavy flames and smoke coming from the roof of one portion of the strip mall.

When the battalion chief arrived, he called for a second alarm due to the heavy fire conditions. Over 70 firefighters responded to the blaze including one air resource unit. Sr. Deputy Fire Chief Kelly Blackmon said two businesses have been searched but others within the building are too damaged at this time for search.

Luckily, no one was injured in the fire. Damage estimates are pending and the cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

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