Talulah Riley Gets Real About Always Loving Ex Elon Musk
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Although her marriage to the 50-year-old billionaire ended for good in 2016, the 'Pistol' actress explains that the two of them are 'wildly romantic people in the broadest sense of the word.'

AceShowbiz - Talulah Riley will "always love" Elon Musk. Although her marriage to the 50-year-old billionaire ended for good in 2016, the "Pistol" actress has remained very close to him.

"I love Elon fiercely and always will, not necessarily in an intense, romantic way but in a broad 'he's my family' way," the 36-year-old star said. "Elon and I both are wildly romantic people in the broadest sense of the word. Hence he's building rocket ships to other planets, etcetera. And I'm more romantic in a Victorian, communing-with-nature sort of way, but that meets in terms of heady romance."

Talulah, who first married Elon in 2010 before divorcing in 2012 and remarring him in 2013, looked back on "that journey" with the Tesla mogul with "incredible fondness" and recalled often taking her young stepsons to visit him at work. She said, "He had no qualms about letting me be right there with him while he was doing everything."

The "St. Trinians" actress first met Elon at London nightclub Whisky Mist and recalled how he was "very diffident, very shy, quite awkward, sweet."

After spending four days together in London, they then flew to Los Angeles, and Elon proposed after just 10 days. However, Talulah insisted she was never worried about how quickly their romance progressed.

She told Sunday Times Style magazine, "I think my father proposed to my mother at the end of their first date, so I think I just assumed that was how it was done. It seemed perfectly logical to me at the time that if someone was going to come in and want to marry me, they would want to marry me immediately."

These days, Talulah is dating her "Pistol" co-star Thomas Brodie-Sangster and admitted their romance came as a surprise. She said, "We hadn't really acknowledged each other as a romantic possibility or potential until the moment that we both did."

"And it was the same moment a number of months after having worked together and been good friends," she added. When asked about what changed, she replied, "Absolutely no idea. It was very strange."

And despite her double divorce from Elon, Talulah is open to tying the knot again. When asked if she'd marry for a third time, she laughed, "To Elon or anyone? I believe in marriage. I love marriage."

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