Prince Harry and Meghan Markle 'Excited' to Have Their Kids Spending Time With Queen Elizabeth II

The Duchess of Sussex allegedly 'can't wait for her to spend time with [the Queen] and to see her bond' with her son Archie and daughter Lilibeth, the latter of whom will be meeting the monarch for the first time.

AceShowbiz - Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are set to fly to England to attend Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee in June. According to a new report, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are looking forward to it as it means that their two kids get to spend some time with their great grandmother.

The visit to the U.K. will take place amid the celebration of their fourth anniversary on May 19. "They typically make their anniversary very low-key," a source spills to "They love spending it at home with family. They'll cook a nice fresh meal and raise a glass of champagne and just cherish how lucky they are."

Of the couple, the informant adds, "They love to go hiking near their home in Santa Barbara and they've been having great fun discovering all the trails in their area so no doubt they'll fit a hike in."

"But as far as celebrations go the bigger focus right now is on the Jubilee and their big trip to the U.K. Overall, they're cautiously excited," the source continues. "They know all eyes will be on them, which is always stressful but at the same time it's going to be a chance for them to show the world that they're still very much a part of the family."

"The whole hoopla about them not being on the balcony was way off the mark, they're very pleased to be able to step back from that. The last thing they want to do is take away attention from The Queen, they're going to honor her and celebrate her," the insider goes on to claim.

It is also said that Meghan "can't wait for her to spend time with [the Queen] and to see her bond with Archie and Lili." The source says, "That's what they're most excited about," adding, "The whole weekend is going to be focused on The Queen but it's also Lili's first birthday [June 4] so the timing is really lovely because they'll be able to mark that big milestone with The Queen and the rest of Harry's family."

Harry and Meghan's upcoming trip to the U.K. will be the first time for them to return to the country as a family after they exited the royal family two years ago.

Prior to this, the couple secretly visited the Queen when they were on their way to the Hague to attend the Invictus Games. A spokesperson for the couple confirmed the reunion on Thursday, April 14 as saying, "We can confirm that they visited the duke's grandmother, as we previously said he hoped to do."

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