Chet Hanks Refuses to Apologize After Being Grilled by Ziwe Over Cultural Appropriation

During the 31-year-old's appearance on Entertainment Tonight's 'Ziwe', talk show host Ziwe Fumudoh calls the son of Tom Hanks out for his cultural appropriation.

AceShowbiz - Chet Hanks is grilled during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. During his appearance on Entertainment Tonight's "Ziwe", talk show host Ziwe Fumudoh calls him out for his cultural appropriation.

In a clip from the interview shared on Friday, May 6, Ziwe can be seen asking the son of Tom Hanks about the matter. "Are there any marginalized communities you want to apologize to? I don't know, maybe the Patois community?" she questions.

Chet looks a bit hesitant. The 31-year-old later shakes his head before saying, "Nah. I don't feel like I've truly done feel like I've truly done anything offensive, so I don't."

Ziwe clarifies, "You don't see it as cultural appropriation." She goes on to say, "You see it as like a celebration of culture," to which Chet responds, "Mhm." The host continues, "And then, it's like 'Social justice warriors can like, go kick rocks.' "

Chet agrees, saying, "No, I 100% agree. Social justice warriors can kick rocks." Ziwe is rendered speechless by Chet's response before she says, "No comment."

Chet previously claimed that he received love from Jamaican people over his impression. He shared that many Jamaicans reached out to him after a video of his red carpet interview went viral. "I had Jamaicans blowing up my Instagram, 'respect general, respect! Come to the island,' " he recounted. "Jamaican people showed me the most love hands down, then you got all these social justice warriors in America saying I'm a f**king villain."

Despite the awkward moment, Ziwe tells Entertainment Tonight that her chat with Chet will be one of this season's most memorable. "I was so delighted. He had been someone who I thought would be an iconic guest for years and I think that interview was an iconic interview," she shares.

Prior to this, Ziwe put Charlamagne Tha God" on the seat as she asked him about his troubled history with Black women. "What I love about that one is that Charlamagne has been in the public eye for decades," the host explained.

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