Aaron Carter Has No Reconciliation Plans After Ex-Fiancee Falsely Accused Him of Breaking Her Ribs

In a new interview, the 'I'm All About You' crooner says that 'what was alleged will never go away' though he understands that Melanie Martin has dropped all charges against him.

AceShowbiz - Aaron Carter apparently doesn't want to be involved again with Melanie Martin. The "I Want Candy" singer has revealed that he has no plans to reconcile with his ex-fiancee after she falsely accused him of being abusive.

In an interview with The Blast published on Tuesday, March 29, the 34-year-old musician said, "At this time I cannot say that we are going to be back together." He continued explaining, "I understand that my ex is taking back what she said and dropped all charges but what was alleged will never go away."

"I am also aware she wants to be back with me after falsely accusing me of breaking her ribs. Her ribs were never broken," Aaron added. The "I'm All About You" crooner later said of Melanie's broken ribs, "The public reports show it was a small fracture from a previous injury when she fell down the stairs in late January."

Aaron further stressed that "domestic violence is not a joke and if someone commits that on either side of the people involved they deserve to be punished and endure the repercussions of their actions." He insisted that he's "NOT THAT" and he "will defend and stand by that till the day [he dies]."

Earlier this month, Melanie filed a restraining order against Aaron, claiming that he punched her and broke her ribs during a domestic dispute. "We had a fight about me talking to another man while we were broken up. He punched me in the left rib and pushed me," she detailed their fight. "I didn't feel the pain until a few days later, then I left the house because he threatened to give me a restraining order."

In the filing, Melanie included medical records that appear to show her broken ribs. "I went to Kaiser, my doctor, and took X-rays," she shared, adding that the diagnosis was "three broken ribs."

A few days later, Melanie issued an apology for accusing Aaron of physical abuse. "Just wanted to make a statement I've had a bad time with post pardom [sic] depression. Aaron never hit me I was angry because I made a mistake a bad one," she explained in an Instagram post. "And we were arguing A LOT because he was trying to break up with me for what I did."

Melanie later stated that she decided to drop all charges. "IM NOT SURE IF HE WILL FORGIVE ME BUT I WANT HIM TO KNOW IM SORRY AND THAT I SAID THINGS THAT WEREN'T TRUE AND I MADE A MISTAKE," Melanie, who shares a son with Aaron, continued. "AND I WANT TO BE HONEST TO EVERYONE and the WORLD AND MAKE THIS RIGHT."

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