Aaron Carter's Ex Accuses Him of Breaking Her Ribs as She Asks for Restraining Order

Melanie Martin, who shares a son with Aaron, files the lawsuit a week after the 'I Want Candy' singer filed his own domestic violence restraining order following their explosive fight on February 21.

AceShowbiz - Aaron Carter is accused of physical abuse by his ex-fiancee Melanie Martin. The mother of one has filed a restraining order against the singer, claiming that he punched her and broke her ribs during a recent domestic dispute.

In legal documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday, February 28, the 34-year-old claimed they had a fight on February 21 over her talking to another man when they already broke up. "We had a fight about me talking to another man while we were broken up. He punched me in the left rib and pushed me," she detailed their fight, per The Blast. "I didn't feel the pain until a few days later, then I left the house because he threaten to give me a restraining order."

As to why the situation escalated to that point, Melanie said, "I think that during the days of our break-up, he took too many of his prescription pills and it gave him too much aggression. He probably doesn't even remember he did so." She added, "I think he needs anger management, counseling on how to control his anger. He is very jealous and needs to be more rational because he doesn't even remember he did so I believe."

Melanie included in the filing medical records that appear to confirm the existence of at least one broken rib. "I went to Kaiser, my doctor, and took X-rays," she shared, adding the diagnosis was "3 broken ribs."

Melanie said she and her baby were also thrown out of his Los Angeles home. "He tried to threaten me with a fake allegation if I didn't leave after, and all my things were still at the house, and my baby as well. So, we were thrown out on the streets, had to stay at a friend's and file this report after the doctor's visit," she wrote. She is asking to be allowed to retrieve her possessions from the home because "all my clothing is expensive, and need the baby items."

According to the court docs, Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services [DCFS] is now involved in the case to make sure the baby is safe, and help decide on the custody situation. "DCFS is recommending to remove this child if he is in the hands of the father," Melanie wrote. "I will be with the child, not the father until the court decides with to do with legalities. I think he needs to go to anger management asap."

Melanie also revealed that Aaron owns 4 guns, a pistol and a black "long gun," which he keeps in a safe.

Melanie filed the restraining order one week after Aaron filed his own domestic violence order against Melanie. In his filing, the 34-year-old pop star alleged she is "verbally abusive, taunting, antagonizing, would not allow me to get any sleep all night loving, shoving & scratching & attempted to push me over the banister over 2nd story staircase." He also claimed to have injuries due to the scuffle, a "scratch on the back and thumb."

Aaron added that his baby mama was "disprsing (sic) medication down the toilet, (making) public online slander, emotionally abusing me by threatening to kill herself which cause me to worry for the safety of our child," and abused him on a "weekly basis."

The former lovers are due in court in the next few weeks to determine a permanent restraining order on both sides.

On February 23, Aaron announced his latest breakup from Melanie. "My relationship has come to a point where we have to part ways," he shared on Twitter. "Please respect my privacy at this time. Thank you."

In a separate tweet, the younger brother of Nick Carter added that he plans to stay single because of trust issues. "I have no intentions on being in any relationship anytime soon," he explained. "I'm too scarred and I can't trust any woman. So I'm going to protect my soul and my heart at this time."

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