Monica Pauses Show After Fans Get Into Verbal Altercation

The 41-year-old 'Why I Love You So Much' songstress abruptly stopped her show after seeing some concertgoers arguing in the front row during her recent concert.

AceShowbiz - Monica knows how to prevent chaos at her concert. Upon noticing some of her fans got into a verbal altercation at her recent show, the "Why I Love You So Much" songstress stopped singing and reached out to one of the concertgoers.

In a video shared by The Neighborhood Talk on Instagram, the 41-year-old Georgia native was first seen singing along with the audience. After a few seconds, she told her team to stop the music. "Hold on, hold on, hold one minute," she said, before turning to the crowd and asking, "What's the problem right here?"

"Aht! Not in this motherf**ker tonight! No, no! Not in here. Nope, nope, we ain't killin' no vibes in here," the musician further stressed. As she bent down, one woman in the front row explained to her that the whole argument started since she was not able to see the show because someone else was too tall.

Monica herself has addressed the snafu underneath the Instagram post. "OMGGGGG they were fussing like they were about to fight ! I just wanted people to enjoy the show it's all love tho," she elaborated.

Monica was not the only artist to prevent a major fight among fans during a concert. In December 2021, Tory Lanez stopped a scuffle during his London show by performing an impromptu freestyle.

"Please, no fighting," Tory sang to the crowd. "While I'm singing this song, no fighting/ No motherf**kin' fighting/ While I'm singing this song, no fighting... Tell my man right there no fighting/ Aye, c'mon. No f**kin' fighting."

He went on to address his legal issues with Megan Thee Stallion. "I'm already dealing with enough s**t. I'm already dealing with some tough s**t. I'm not trying to catch another case in this b***h. Just chill," he chanted, before the audience erupted into cheer.

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