Chet Hanks Slammed After Throwing Dad Tom Hanks Under the Bus

The 'White Boy Summer' rapper faces swift backlash after seemingly blaming his famous father for his shortcomings as he claims that he 'didn't have a strong male role model' growing up.

AceShowbiz - Chet Hanks has been dragged online over his candid confession of what it's like to grow up as the son of Tom Hanks. The actor/rapper has caught the heat after seemingly blaming his shortcomings on his famous dad instead of taking responsibility for his own actions.

After Chet opened up about his childhood in a YouTube video, Tom's fans didn't mince their words in criticizing Chet. One person took to Twitter to slam the 31-year-old, "Chet Hanks is reaching Kanye-levels of unlikeability. Dissing America's dad by saying you didn't have a strong male role growing up is QUITE SOMETHING."

A fan of Tom noted, "His dad has literally been one of the most beloved people on the entire planet for the last 35 years and seems like a genuinely nice man. What more could you ask for?" Another claimed, "Sounds like Chet wanted a father who would lie to him and tell him to keep doing whatever he wanted."

A fourth fan defended the Oscar-winning actor, "I'm all for a white boy summer but don't you dare throw Forrest Gump under the bus like this, Chet." A fifth added, "What a creep he seems to be. I can see why he wasn't well-liked. Throwing your Dad under the bus is a case in point."

Some others brought up Tom's three other children when sharing their skepticism over Chet's claims that his father wasn't a role model to him. "What is Chet's definition of a 'strong male role model,' " one person asked. 'Because @tomhanks does have 3 other children, all of whom seem to be gainfully employed."

Another referenced Tom's eldest son Colin Hanks as saying, "Tom Hanks has another son from his first marriage, he's fine and well adjusted. Wonder what this one's problem is considering parents are still together and not divorced. Just a spoiled and entitled brat."

In the video titled "The Truth About Growing Up as a Hanks" which was uploaded on Tuesday, February 15, Chet detailed how growing up as the son of Tom Hanks was like a double-edged sword. While his privileged background allowed him to "travel the world, stay in nice hotels, fly in private planes" which he would not change, he said, "It's a lot more complicated" than people realize.

He went on elaborating, "Everybody wants to be famous. It creates a lot of jealousy, a lot of envy. Everyone is doing whatever they can to become famous." He shared that he's often perceived as "really arrogant, entitled, spoiled brat," but at the time "I didn't have a strong male role model to tell me … 'Bro, f**k these people. They are just jealous of you.' "

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