The K-Pop beauty, who appears alongside the Canadian singer atop of a flying vehicle in the music video, looks stunning in a neon pink jacket that she pairs with matching pants.

AceShowbiz - Grimes knows how to get attention boost in her new music. The Canadian has hooked BLACKPINK's Jennie to appear in her futuristic music video for "Shinigami Eyes", which was released on Wednesday, January 26.

With the manga-inspired visuals, the 33-year-old brings fans into a chaotic world of neon lights in different psychedelic dimensions. In some scenes, the singer can be seen hugging her lover before the man turns on her and shoots an arrow through her stomach.

Jennie later pops up along with Grimes atop a flying vehicle. The K-Pop beauty looks stunning in a neon pink jacket that she pairs with matching pants. However, Jennie's scene doesn't stay long as it cuts to Grimes fighting against her man, who is defeated in the battle.

"I like making friends with demons/ You need special eyes to see 'em/ Have you got your shinigami eyes on?" Grimes sings in the intro and chorus, referring to Japanese anime series Death Note. "Are you ready to die?/ Got my shinigami eyes on/ Everything is fine."

"Shinigami Eyes" will appear on Grimes' upcoming album, "Book 1". Speaking about the project, he told Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, "I think I decided that the record needs to be a double album. I made a bunch of stuff and I just want to make a bunch more stuff."

"There's just more kind of sonic, conceptual ideas that I think need to get done to make everything make more sense," the ex-girlfriend of Elon Musk added. "And we kind of have two album covers and it seems like a waste to throw one of them away."

Grimes also talked about her retirement plan. "One of the reasons why I keep saying I want to retire for music is I feel like music is … the iron grasp is getting really tight," she said. "Whereas I feel like in gaming or crypto or all these other things, there's just this excessive freedom that sort of seems to be increasing. I don't know. Because they're newer ideas, there's just less of a legacy of legal chokehold."

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