Former WWE Diva Tammy 'Sunny' Sytch Arrested on Weapons and Terroristic Threats Charges

The WWE diva-turned-porn star is reportedly taken into custody in Keansburg, New Jersey for making terroristic threats in addition to unlawfully possessing a weapon.

AceShowbiz - WWE Hall of Famer Tammy Sytch a.k.a. Sunny is apparently wrestling with law now. The WWE diva-turned-porn star was reportedly arrested on Thursday morning, January 13 in Keansburg, New Jersey for making "terror threats."

According to court records, which were obtained by TMZ, Sunny was booked for making terroristic threats in addition to unlawfully possessing a weapon. She was taken into custody at the Monmouth County jail at 11 A.M.

While the exact nature of the alleged crimes are unclear, the records stated that Sunny was hit with three charges. Two of them are for illegally possessing a weapon and one of them is for terroristic threats.

"A person is guilty of a crime of the third degree if he threatens to commit any crime of violence with the purpose to terrorize another or to cause evacuation of a building, place of assembly, or facility of public transportation, or otherwise to cause serious public inconvenience, or in reckless disregard of the risk of causing such terror or inconvenience," the New Jersey statute reads.

"A violation of this subsection is a crime of the second degree if it occurs during a declared period of national, State or county emergency. The actor shall be strictly liable upon proof that the crime occurred, in fact, during a declared period of national, State or county emergency," it continues. "It shall not be a defense that the actor did not know that there was a declared period of emergency at the time the crime occurred."

It should be noted that New Jersey doesn't have felonies and misdemeanors. Instead, it has degrees and the lower the degree, the more potential jail or prison time a defendant faces. Weapon charges are classified as third degree, while the threat is fourth degree. If convicted, Sunny faces around 4-6 year prison sentence.

This wasn't the first time for the WWE legend to get in trouble with the law. Back in 2020, the professional wrestling's first diva was arrested for multiple alleged offenses, including hiding from police officers. In July of the same year, she was arrested by the Middletown Township Police Department and booked into the Monmouth County Correctional Institution in New Jersey.

According to Monmouth County Sheriff's Office records show, Sunny was charged with eluding a police officer. She additionally was charged with two counts of contempt or violating a domestic violence restraining order and "operating motor vehicle during second license suspension."

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