Kim Kardashian Sparks New Legal Feud With Neighbor Over Driveway Construction Outside Her Mansion

In court documents filed by Sarah Key, the 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' alum is asked to stop the project outside her $60 million Hidden Hills house as it'll lay over her neighbor's property.

AceShowbiz - Kim Kardashian intends to expand her Hidden Hills California mansion, but her neighbor seemingly has had enough. The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" alum's neighbor, Sarah Key, has tried to stop her from constructing a new driveway outside of her Hidden Hills mansion.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ on Thursday, December 30, Sarah said that the 41-year-old reality star wanted a special driveway that gives her easy access to and from her $60 million property in the gated community. Though the TV personality has not yet begun construction, Sarah asked the judge to stop the project entirely.

Sarah also claimed that a part of Kim's new project would lay over her property. The lawsuit, however, wasn't filed against Kim directly as she filed it against the Hidden Hills Community Association to prevent the committee from permitting any driveway construction in the community at all.

Sarah previously filed another suit against the Association regarding Kim's plan to build "an underground vault, subterranean parking, an attached subterranean wellness center and a detached guardhouse." In the court documents filed in September, Sarah asked the Association to end Kim's plan to "flatten two hills" and build upon "two high-pressure gas transmission lines," as she felt that the neighborhood should keep its "natural and rustic county setting."

Sarah added that building upon the gas lines might put "Hidden Hills community members at risk of catastrophic bodily injury and irreparable real personal property damage." The court paper also stated that Kim's plans "can and will cause irreparable harm at a minimum to the destruction of two hills of Hidden Hills." Sarah even highlighted that "these two development projects may cause loss of a life."

However, sources close to Kim insisted that the mom of four "absolutely has zero plans to build a vault on her property." Though so, the insiders added that the daughter of Kris Jenner "is building something on the property" but "it's not a vault," stressing that she is "going through the proper channels to get approval from the homeowner's association" before starting to build anything.

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