Aaron Carter Takes Baby Mama Melanie Martin Back After Accusing Her of 'Betrayal'

The 'Crush on You' singer confirms he's back together with his fiancee although he feels hurt by her being in contact with his estranged family, saying everyone deserves a second chance.

AceShowbiz - Aaron Carter's roller coaster romance with Melanie Martin is hitting a new joyful stage. Less than a week after calling it quits with his fiancee because of her alleged "betrayal," the pop star has taken her back.

The 34-year-old singer has confirmed to TMZ that he's back together with his baby mama for the sake of their family. Though admitting he feels hurt by her being in contact with his estranged family, he says everyone deserves a second chance.

Aaron and Melanie first hinted at their reconciliation on Sunday, December 5 with their sweet Instagram exchange. Posting a video of their newborn son Prince in bed while a Christmas song played in the background, he wrote in the caption, "Our baby boy prince Lyric Carter Loves Christmas oldies just like his daddy @missmelaniemartin I love you for giving me the greatest gift."

He went on gushing about Melanie, "You are an amazing woman l, my everything I am so grateful for you my darling. #fatherhood #NewParents thank you to everyone who has been supportive. Relationships aren't easy but we love, cherish and adore our son. #GodBless Xo."

Melanie then reciprocated his feelings as commenting on the post, "Grateful for both of you forever ! Happy early birthday baby now you deserve a little celebration. On December 7 1986 a special one of a kind was born I love you ! Xoxoxoo."

She also posted a public apology to Aaron on her Instagram Story. "I just wanted to public apologize to my sons father @AaronCarter," she wrote. "My intentions in contacting his sister Angel were not of ill intent. I wanted to try to resolve the situation so we could all be a family. I now realize that wasn't my place and I never should've done that."

"I let my feelings get the best of me as I was hormonal and pregnant and would take it back if I could," she continued. "I did this out of love I know it was wrong. I hope he can find it in his heart to forgive me."

Their reconciliation comes after fans called CPS on the couple after they saw Melanie putting their newborn son in his bed and thought that it was too rough for a baby. Aaron says CPS did stop by his Lancester, CA home to check on the baby and the general living conditions, but left without incident after deciding that everything was in order.

The younger brother of Nick Carter adds that going forward, he wants a united front with Melanie and fends off their haters as a team.

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