Sophie Turner 'Absolutely Ruthless' as She Mocks Husband Joe Jonas at Family Roast Special

The 'Game of Throne' actress reportedly gets 'filthy' as she takes a dig at her husband over his height, celebrity exes, and purity ring at Netflix's 'Jonas Brothers Family Roast'.

AceShowbiz - Sophie Turner reportedly shocked audience members with her X-rated jokes at the "Jonas Brothers Family Roast".

The "Game of Thrones" star, who is married to Joe Jonas, really impressed with her comedy routine for the Netflix special, in which family members and friends poke fun at the boy band members, according to an insider.

"Sophie was absolutely ruthless in her mockery of Joe, Nick and Kevin. She had everyone cracking up on set," the source told The Sun newspaper.

"She worked with professionals to make it as funny as possible and she really left no stone unturned."

Turner's "filthy" routine may even need to be edited by producers, the insider suggested, alleging she "really went in" on the chart-topping brothers.

"Sophie joked about Joe's height, his long list of celebrity exes and the purity rings which he and his brothers wore as teenagers to signify their virginity," the set spy added.

"It was hysterical to watch but some of it was so filthy that it will probably have to be edited out. She really went in on them."

Joe told Entertainment Weekly ahead of the roast he expected the most savage putdowns to come from his wife and sisters-in-law, Priyanka Chopra, who is married to Nick, and Kevin's wife, Danielle Deleasa.

"Probably our wives. They've got the most ammunition here of everyone who's going to be up on the stage," he said.

And Sophie just might have a future in comedy, having gained the approval of comedians who participated in the send-up, including "Saturday Night Live" stars Kenan Thompson and Pete Davidson, according to the insider.

"The guys were really good sports about it, but the comedians on set were so impressed they told her she genuinely has the chops to get into comedy or take on some funny roles," the person noted. "The show was for the Jonas brothers but it could actually open doors. for her."

The special will air on 23 November (21).

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