Michael Myers Accused of Being Homophobic in 'Halloween Kills'
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As the serial murderer adds the number of body count in the twelfth and latest installment of the slasher film series, he is called homophobic for killing a gay couple.

AceShowbiz - Not even a fictional serial killer could escape the cancel culture. Having been known for his sadistic nature, Michael Myers has now earned a new label following his return in the newest Halloween movie. He is accused of being homophobic for killing a gay couple.

In "Halloween Kills", the psychopathic serial killer takes the life of almost everyone he comes across. When he returns to his childhood home, he finds two men who so happen to be in a relationship named Big John and Little John. In true Michael Myers fashion, he kills the couple, but some LGBTQ supporters question why he doesn't spare them.

"HALLOWEEN KILLS WAS SO GOOD BUT WHY DID MICHAEL HAVE TO KILL THE ONE GAY COUPLE... MICHAEL MYERS IS HOMOPHOBIC CONFIRMED," one viewer complained on Twitter. Another echoed, "Just finished watching the new Halloween it's official Michael Myers is homophobic #cancelmichaelmyers."

A third declared, "Michael Myers is a racist homophobic murderer. No respect for him now." One person called for a boycott on the "Halloween" movies as imploring, "Guys do not shift to the Halloween universe michael myers is extremely homophobic."

Some others, however, argued that Michael Myers didn't choose his victims based on gender or sexual orientation. "So 'equality' means that LGBT characters should be immune from harm in slasher movies. That's not how it works," one noted. "Also, I'm pretty sure Michael Myers is indiscriminate and will murder the hell out of anyone, regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation."

Another explained, "So if Michael Myers is homophobic because he killed a ge couple by that logic every horror movie villain is an outright racist every time they kill a black person. But the n***as ain't the only ones being snuffed in the movies either so how much sense would any of that make?"

One LGBTQ publication, Gaymer, also posted an op-ed debunking claims that the notorious villain is homophobic, noting that "the way he handles the death of the gay couple in the latest film feels no different to how he butchers Bob, Annie and Lynda in the original Halloween."

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