'Halloween Kills' Director Reveals Story Behind Bob Odenkirk's Surprise Cameo Director David Gordon Green spills that he hit a stumbling block when he wanted to acknowledge all the victims and survivors of the 'Halloween' franchise before reaching

AceShowbiz - "Breaking Bad" star Bob Odenkirk landed a brief photo cameo in the new "Halloween Kills" movie, because he resembled a former victim of movie killer Michael Myers - also called Bob.

Director David Gordon Green wanted to acknowledge all the victims and survivors of the "Halloween (2018)" franchise, but he hit a stumbling block with the Bob character from the original John Carpenter movie.

"I wanted to have acknowledgement of all the deaths from the previous film, but we couldn't track him [Bob] down or get the rights," the filmmaker tells CinemaBlend. "Somehow we couldn't clear an image of Bob for our television news broadcast, and so I was frustrated by that because I wanted to acknowledge Bob's death."

"I Googled 'Bob 1970s High School', and a photo of Bob Odenkirk popped up that looked just like Bob! So I thought, 'He's probably easier to find; let's go get him!' "

Green goes on to add, "I'm a huge Bob Odenkirk fan. So that opportunity was just too juicy to ignore."

In the original "Halloween", John Michael Graham played Bob Simms. It is his only credited role.

"Halloween Kills" star Jamie Lee Curtis adds, "They contacted him and he [Odenkirk] signed off on the rights to have his high school picture be the Bob in the movie."

Meanwhile, Odenkirk is back on the set of "Breaking Bad" spin-off "Better Call Saul" after suffering a heart attack in late July 2021. A little over a week later, the 58-year-old actor assured fans that he is "doing great." Through the same tweet, he thanked people for the well wishes, writing, "I've had my very own 'It's a wonderful life' week of people insisting I make the world slightly better."

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