Tiffany Haddish Buys Oxygen Chamber Following LeBron James' Rave Review

The 'Girls Trip' actress opens up on her recent 'huge splurge,' revealing she purchased 'a hypobaric chamber' after the Los Angeles Lakers star raved about it.

AceShowbiz - Comedienne Tiffany Haddish has treated herself to an oxygen chamber in a bid to ensure she will always perform at her very best.

The "Girls Trip" actress heard basketball superstar LeBron James rave about the benefits of a hypobaric chamber, which maintains a higher air pressure so the user can breathe in more pure oxygen than normal, so she decided to try it out for herself.

She told People's "Every Day" podcast, "Now, just recently in 2020, I bought a hypobaric chamber. That was a huge splurge. That was a down payment on a little house in Texas. That's because I saw LeBron James, and he said he be in hypobaric chambers (sic)."

"I said, 'Well, if he is performing at his best coming out of a hypobaric chamber, I need to be getting a hypobaric chamber, too, so I can perform at my best.' "

Haddish admitted she has been "splurging a lot lately" but recalled how her first big purchase was rather unusual for a celebrity.

"The first thing I splurged on was a microscope," she explained. "That was back in 2016, 2015. Maybe that was 2014 when I bought the microscope. That was splurging, OK? It was like, a $300 microscope."

Asked why she bought it, Tiffany replied, "Because I'm a scientist... I like looking at germs. I'm interested in nature, OK?"

Meanwhile, boyfriend Common previously said Tiffany Haddish was tired all the time due to her hectic schedule.

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