Dominic Sherwood Fronts Reboot of Arnold Schwarzenegger's 'Eraser'

The 'Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments' star has quietly shot the remake of the 1996 action movie over the summer with Jacky Lai and McKinley Belcher III.

AceShowbiz - "Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments" star Dominic Sherwood is to front the cast for a reboot of Arnold Schwarzenegger's 1996 action movie "Eraser".

Reacting to his casting news on the reboot, the 31-year-old actor turned to his Instagram account to say, "So nice to be able to share this. Thanks @hbomax @warnerbrosentertainment and @deadline." He added in the same post, "I had such a good time working with a lot of brilliant and talented people. I hope you all enjoy it."

"Eraser: Reborn" was quietly shot over the summer with Jacky Lai and McKinley Belcher III joining Sherwood for the project, which revolves around a U.S. Marshal whose speciality is faking the deaths of witnesses that need to leave no trace of their existence.

The movie is currently in post-production and there are plans to release it via Warner Bros Home Entertainment next spring (2022). "Deep Blue Sea 3" director John Pogue helmed this reboot project with Hunt Lowry and Patty Reed serving as producers.

The original film was directed by Chuck Russell and grossed $240 million (£173.4 million), according to Deadline. It also featured Vanessa Williams, James Caan, and James Coburn.

"Eraser" isn't the only former Schwarzenegger title being rebooted - "Shameless" star Steve Howey is set to tackle the role originated by Arnie in a "True Lies" TV remake. Schwarzenegger also has another one of his past hits, "Twins", getting a sequel treatment with "Triplets".

To begin filming in January 2022, "Triplets" has added funnyman Tracy Morgan into the mix. The former "Saturday Night Live" regular will play an unlikely long lost sibling of the characters Julien (Schwarzenegger) and Vincent (Danny DeVito).

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