Patty Jenkins: Releasing 'Wonder Woman 1984' on Streamer Is 'Detrimental' for Franchise
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The director of the DC female superhero movie is heartbroken by Warner Brothers' decision to release the second movie on streaming site only several months after cinema release.

AceShowbiz - "Wonder Woman 1984" director Patty Jenkins was not a fan of the blockbuster's shared cinema and streaming release, accepting it was the best of a bunch of bad options.

The sequel dropped at theatres and on HBO Max on Christmas Day (25Dec20), and the filmmaker admits it was heartbreaking not to have a full cinema release.

"It was the best choice in a bunch of bad choices at the moment," she tells Deadline. "It was a heartbreaking experience. It was detrimental to the movie..."

"I don't think it plays the same on streaming, ever... I'm not a fan of day-and-date (joint release) and I hope to avoid it forever. I make movies for the big-screen experience. I like working with Netflix for television, I wouldn't make a movie there or any streaming service with those terms. It's hard to market a movie when it has a limited run."

Patty Jenkins is not the only filmmaker against Warner Brothers decision to release movies on streamer.

Last year, Denis Villeneuve slammed the studio, saying they "might just have killed the Dune franchise" with their decision.

"There is absolutely no love for cinema, nor for the audience here," he stated. "Warner Bros.' sudden reversal from being a legacy home for filmmakers to the new era of complete disregard draws a clear line for me. Filmmaking is a collaboration, reliant on the mutual trust of team work and Warner Bros. has declared they are no longer on the same team."

Meanwhile, Scarlett Johansson is currently embroiled in a legal battle against Disney after "Black Widow" was released on the streaming platform.

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