Pedro Pascal Credits Patty Jenkins for His Involvement in 'Wonder Woman 1984'
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When speaking about his portrayal of villainous Max Lord in the 'Wonder Woman' sequel, 'The Mandalorian' star explains the reason why he jumped at the opportunity.

AceShowbiz - Actor Pedro Pascal jumped at the opportunity to star in the "Wonder Woman" sequel because he was so eager to work with director Patty Jenkins.

"The Mandalorian" star portrays villain Max Lord in "Wonder Woman 1984", and although it's a gig he relished, he admits he would have done anything just to be in the filmmaker's presence.

"I didn't care what it was," Pascal told The Associated Press. "I still have trouble wrapping my head around the opportunity."

Pascal had actually worked with Jenkins years earlier on a TV pilot which never got picked up, but the director never forgot about his charisma and talent, and he was the first person who came to mind when she was casting the role of Lord.

"I just adored him," Jenkins said. "I thought he was such a great guy and such an interesting person and an excellent actor."

"But when I was sitting and thinking about who could pull this off, I just knew that he could do it. There was something about Pedro that I knew he could hit every different mark and also reveal a side of himself I wasn't sure that even he had gotten to use yet."

Pascal stars alongside Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, and Gal Gadot as the titular superhero in the new blockbuster, but it wasn't his first time starring in a "Wonder Woman" project.

The actor was previously tapped for a TV reboot of the DC Comics series back in 2011, and featured in an unaired pilot with Adrianne Paliciki as Wonder Woman/Diana Prince.

Pascal had forgotten about his involvement in the scrapped show, and he was glad Jenkins didn't appear to be aware of it at the time of his casting in "WW84", either.

He recalled to CinemaBlend, "I think that because of the impact of the first (Wonder Woman) movie, and then, of course, the idea of getting to work with Patty Jenkins, it never occurred to me.

"And I'm glad that it didn't because I think I probably would've been paranoid if they knew I had already had a go at a Wonder Woman project. Maybe they didn't know at the time."

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