'Bachelorette' Star Katie Thurston Defends Herself After Being Blasted for Taking Marijuana Edible

After being dubbed 'not a very good role model to the younger viewers' of the reality show, the season 25 contestant of 'The Bachelor' hits back as saying, 'I'm consuming a legal drug at a legal age within a legal state.'

AceShowbiz - Katie Thurston has faced another backlash online. The season 17 star of "The Bachelorette" has been forced to defend herself after being criticized for opening up that she consumed marijuana edible.

On Sunday, August 22, the 30-year-old took to her Twitter account to share that she had just ingested a cannabis-infused food product. "I just took an edible, laying on the floor of my living room surrounded by responsibilities, all while listening to medication music on Spotify," the reality star tweeted. She went on to ask her followers, "And how are you?"

Katie Thurston via Twitter

Katie Thurston shared that she just took cannabis-infused food product.

Replying to her tweet was an internet critic, who believed that Katie is a bad influence for younger viewers of the reality show. The Twitter user wrote, "Not a very good role model to the younger viewers of @bachnation." Shortly after, the season 25 star of "The Bachelor" fired back as saying, "Because I'm consuming a legal drug at a legal age within a legal state?" along with a woozy face emoji.

Additionally, a separate Twitter user tweeted, "Katie in about 10 minutes," adding a GIF of a woman dancing wildly with her mouth wide open. In response, Katie replied, "I said edibles, not bath salts [flushed face emoji]."

In the meantime, some social media users positively reacted to her tweet. One wrote, "You are my person! Edibles, meditation music, zoning out avoiding responsibilities…..sorry Blake, I'd like to steal your girl and be her BFF."

Another follower went on to ask her if she actually meant to type "meditation" instead of "medication." Katie then replied, "Hahahahah yes but in some ways I guess it's medication for the mine. Or maybe this edible already hit [smiling with sweat emoji]."

This isn't the first time Katie blasted the internet trolls. In late July, she clapped back at online critics who negatively commented on her sexy lingerie photo. "Someone did not find a husband," one person wrote in the comment section, to which she responded, "Correct. There typically isn't a wedding at the end."

Another critic asked her, "Why are you dressed like this??? Aren't you supposed to be a respectable bachelorette a week away from a public proposal?" The reality star then casually wrote back, "I am me," pointing out, "No one owns me."

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