Mark Ronson Recalls Kicking Dave Grohl Out of Recording Studio
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Spilling details of the incident, the prolific music producer admits that he feared the Foo Fighters frontman's rowdiness would upset singer Josh Hamme who was doing a song for 'Villains' album.

AceShowbiz - Producer Mark Ronson once had to kick Dave Grohl out of a recording studio - for being too rowdy.

The prolific music producer asked the Foo Fighters frontman to leave a Queens of the Stone Age recording session for the 2017 "Villains" album, fearing his presence would upset singer Josh Hamme's "rhythm".

"It was the first time we were doing vocals and I was like, 'Dave Grohl, rock legend, get the f**k out of here'," Ronson said on his new Apple TV+ series, "Watch the Sound".

"It was, like, the first day we were doing vocals and Josh was, like, really in a rhythm and it hit something... I'm such a fan of Foo Fighters, Nirvana... It was not pleasant to have to ask Dave Grohl nicely to leave the session."

"I think we were doing maybe 'Villains' or 'Fortress', a very personal song on the record. And it was the first time Josh had really found that emotional place to get to, to sing that record. We had tried it a few times and I think Dave and [[ Kills] lead singer] [ Mosshart] were maybe next door getting jolly and just came in like, 'What's up everybody?' And I was like… That's why."

"But at that moment, when you're the producer, it doesn't really matter who it is, your job is to just fortress your guy's studio, protect the artist, protect the vulnerability, all this stuff at any cost," Mark further explains. "So unfortunately, even if it was Dave Grohl, Stevie Wonder, whoever would have come in at that moment… I would have had to have been like, 'Please, please come back.' "

In his new series, the producer talks to guests including Paul McCartney, Homme, the Beastie Boys' Ad-Rock and Mike D, Charli XCX, T-Pain, and Tame Impala's Kevin Parker.

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